Daily Archives: March 3, 2004

Guest Blogging

Just a quick note: For the next month or so I’ll be guest blogging at the Detroit News Politics Weblog, writing specifically about the campaign. I’ll likely update on a daily basis. The main page is here; if you just want to read me and only me (which seems a bit churlish), you can go […]

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The Oregon county Portland is in has begun to issue marriage licenses to single-sex couples, so that’s good news, but what I find especially interesting is the following comment by one of the county commisioners: “Multnomah County cannot deny marriage licenses to gay or lesbian couples, Commissioner Lisa Naito said. We will not allow discrimination […]

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Pre-Passion Thoughts

There are apparently a reasonable number of people who are waiting to hear what I think of The Passion of the Christ, because I keep getting peppered about it. I do intend to see it soon, but I’m waiting for the church groups to thin about a bit, which I under is as unreasonable an […]

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