The Oregon county Portland is in has begun to issue marriage licenses to single-sex couples, so that’s good news, but what I find especially interesting is the following comment by one of the county commisioners:

“Multnomah County cannot deny marriage licenses to gay or lesbian couples,” Commissioner Lisa Naito said. “We will not allow discrimination to continue when the constitution of the state of Oregon grants privileges equally to all citizens.”

Commissioner Maria Rojo De Steffey said the Oregon constitution “and my Christian faith allow me no other choice.” (emphasis mine)

I’m waiting for someone to be the first to call her a bad Christian.

What’s that? People can disagree on the subject and still be called Christians? So there’s not monolithlic agreement among the religious community on the matter? Interesting. Hope people remember that.

Also, while I’m on the subject, can someone tell the Republicans that the “Activist Judges” bit simply doesn’t fly? Last I saw, all the single sex marriages that have been performed to date in the US have done so under the aegis of local and county governments — not an activist judge among them.

I mean, if you’re going to have a talking point, at least pretend it has some relation to the truth.

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