“Dogs and Cats! Living Together!”

This picture would be Hallmark card precious if, in fact, it weren’t located in the swirling vortex of slobitude that is my office. Be that as it may, it’s still pretty damn cute. And it also goes to show just how big Ghlaghghee has gotten, since Kodi is not exactly a small dog.

And yes, the two of them actually do get along this well in real life. Kodi will occasionally chase Ghlaghghee around the house, but then, on occasion Ghlaghghee will attack Kodi’s head for reasons which appear well nigh suicidal to the outside observer. They both seem to enjoy it. So why not. Obviously my concern would be regarding Ghlaghghee, who grown or not still barely rates as a fluffy morsel for a dog of Kodi’s size. But one of the nice things about Akitas as a breed is that they have a very good understanding as to who is family and who is not. Kodi is not above chasing the hell out of strange cats who show up on our property, but she knows to leave her housemates ungnawed. That’s good enough for me.