My Internet Decade

Hey, look at this: My very first USENET post ever, dated March 20, 1994 — exactly 10 years ago today. Fortunately, it’s not one of me asking someone for porn.

I wish I had something deep to say about it being the 10th anniversary of my appearance on the Internet — you know, something to say about all the things I learned, all the friends I made and all the wacky adventures I’ve had. But I do all that anyway, pretty much every day, so I’ll avoid being bloviatingly redundant and just say it’s been a fun and interesting decade and I’m very glad the Internet exists because otherwise I doubt I’d be able to live my life the way as I do — which correspondingly means that my life wouldn’t be as good as it is. As technology, it’s critical to my career, and as a way express myself, well, look at where I’m writing this.

Anyway: 10 years. Let’s move on.

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