Monthly Archives: March 2004

Pre-Passion Thoughts

There are apparently a reasonable number of people who are waiting to hear what I think of The Passion of the Christ, because I keep getting peppered about it. I do intend to see it soon, but I’m waiting for the church groups to thin about a bit, which I under is as unreasonable an […]

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This is going to sound silly, but I’ll tell you that one of the things that I like best about writing is the typing. Recently, after years and years of two-finger typing, I suddenly developed Mad Typing Skillz. I still type with two fingers on each hand (actually, it’s more like three fingers on my […]

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Manic Monday

Mondays have suddenly become my busy day, thanks to the fact that I have to knock off work at about 3 in the afternoon in order to drive to Athena’s daycare, pick her up and then drive her over to the YMCA for her gymnastics class, which she loves almost unreasonably (she’s always very sad […]

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