Fall Into the Gap

PZ Myers of Pharyngula pretty much hits it about the discovery of a new fossil that shows the transition of fins into arms: “Uh-oh. Evolutionists discover two more gaps in the fossil record!” Well, you know. We keep finding fossils at this pace, pretty soon it’ll be nothing but gaps. And then the creationists will have won!

An interesting tidbit about this discovery is that it was found during highway construction; crews uncovered it while they were chewing through a Pennsylvania hillside, exposing the layers of rock that settled over time. So, creationists, your next political tactic is obvious: No more funding for highway construction. Yes, yes, all you rational people, you laugh now. But just wait until you hear some GOP appointee in the Department of Transportation has zeroed out funding for construction in any section of the US that isn’t so flat that no digging into hillsides is required. Or, you know, something more subtle.

My tin foil hat fits fine, thank you very much.

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