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You’ll notice I’ve been scarce here the last couple of days — it’s because AOL Journals made a fairly significant upgrade in capabilities and I’ve need to stay on top of things there in terms of keeping the AOL Journals folks informed on some of the new features and also a couple of glitches we’ve been working out (upgrading — not an easy process). Overall the switchover’s gone pretty well.

I’ve also been implementing some changes with By The Way in order to take advantage of some of the new capabilities over at AOL Journals. One of those changes is that now I’m putting up a daily “Journals/Blog Report” highlighting what’s going on in the Blogosphere and on AOL Journal. Here’s today’s, and yesterday’s, and Tuesday’s.

What that means is that I’m actively looking for journal and blog entries to link to. Longtime readers know that I don’t do a whole lot of blog-like linking here at the Whatever; I’ve always wanted to do blog-like linking on By The Way, but was hampered by space limitations. Those limitations are now gone, so I want to kick start the linking festivities.

So, don’t be shy — send in your links. You can send them to me at my account, or over at my AOL address: jmsjournal2(–at–) (naturally, change “(–at–)” to an “@”). It’s a good way to reach oodles of AOL Journalers plus the various folks from outside who visit there from here. If you have a journal or blog, I’d also appreciate it if you’d be so good as to let your readers know I’m actively looking for links as well. I have about 200 blog/journals I visit on a daily basis, which is a lot but obviously nowhere near as many as are out there.

Also, of course, if you’ve always wanted a more blog-like version of what I do, you know where to go now. The Whatever, however, will remain pretty much as it is.

A Note of Clarification: Sending me to your blog URL does me no good — I’m looking for interesting entries (hopefully written within the last couple of days for the sake of freshness).

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  1. Free publicity!

    John Scalzi is seeking blogs and journals that might be of interest to AOL journalers. If you think your blog qualifies, send him the link.

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