Reader Request Week 2004: Get Your Suggestions In

I’m taking until Monday off around here in order to catch up on some housekeeping on a couple of other projects. But! Starting next Monday, I’m doing Reader Request Week 2004, in which I write on subjects requested by you, the fabulous Whatever readers.

I do this for two reasons: One, you guys suffer through reading me spout off about what I want, so I think it’s fun to turn the table and spout off on what you want. Two: it keeps me from having to think up topics for a week. See? We all get something. I did a reader request week last year (see entries here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), and I thought it was pretty successful, so I thought it’d be fun to do it again.

What kind of requests can you make? Well, whatever you’d like. Ask anything about anything, general or personal — the very worst I will do is not answer it. The list of links above gives you an idea of the questions I answered last year, and it was a pretty varied lot, and I expect that (presuming I am asked varied questions), I will expound on an equally eclectic set of questions this year as well.

You can leave suggestions in the comment thread, or send me an e-mail — I suggest the comment thread since I’ve recently seen a spike in spam and might accidentally delete e-mail from unfamiliar addresses. But whatever you’re comfortable with.

Thanks in advance for your topic suggestions, and I’ll see you all again here on Monday. Remember, of course, I’ll still be blogging tomorrow and through the weekend over at By The Way.

Note to LiveJournal Users

I keep meaning to mention this and keep not mentioning it, so: Apparently someone has set up a LiveJournal feed for the Whatever called ScalziFeed. I didn’t do it; I don’t know who did. But I don’t see any harm in it, so if you’ve got a LiveJournal account and want to be notified when I update without needing to check back in here first, that’s one solution for you. Not that I mind you checking back when I don’t update; it inflates my visitor count and provides me with a false sense of importance. And we know how critical that is for my emotional well-being.