New Bathroom Reader

If you’re still looking for a gift for mom this Mother’s Day, allow me to suggest the Mom’s Bathtub Reader. This particular book was mostly written by Sue Steiner (which is why it’s her name on the cover), but I pitched in a few pieces on mom-related movies and music, and aside from that it’s got the usual Uncle John’s-type panoply of subjects, all at least tangentially related to motherhood. Krissy is already threatening to swipe my contributor copy to give to her mom on Sunday, so you could consider than an endorsement on her end. This book is out in bookstores, so, you know, look for it there.

I’ll also be contributing to a couple other Uncle John’s books this year (in addition to Book of the Dumb 2, currently in process) and of course I’ll let you know when those pop out of the oven as well.

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