The Perils of Hide and Seek

Don’t ever let them tell you there’s such a thing as a friendly game of hide and seek. There are no friends in Hide and Seek. There is just hunter and quarry. If you’re not one, you’re the other. And if you’re the prey, you should expect to get bloody.

Alternately, if you’re going to hide behind a door, as I did, make sure your toe is not jammed up against the door, so that when your wife pushed the door back without knowing you’re there, you don’t get your toenail ripped off. Either way, I ignored both these sage pieces of advice, and look at me now: Wounded! I guess this will be what I call my “old sports injury.”

Here are Athena and Krissy admiring the wound:

The subtext being: Let’s see how bad we can hurt him next time! No, I’m not paranoid. When we play Hide and Seek around here, we play for keeps.