Just Checking

Me: So, gays and lesbians have had the right to marry in Massachusetts for more than twelve hours. How’s our marriage doing?

Krissy: (Pause) Does the statement beforehand have anything to do with the question?

Me: Well, you know, some people think that gays and lesbians being able to be married threatens marriage. I just wanted to check, you know, to see if our marriage was in danger. Is it?

Krissy: No. Not unless you do something really stupid.

Me: So you’re saying you haven’t felt the waves of threatenation emanating from Massachusetts.

Krissy: I did not feel a ripple. Had I not watched the news or read your Whatever I wouldn’t have even known.

Me: So, what you’re saying is that you still love me.

Krissy: The mostest.

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  1. A little late, but…

    John Scalzi started a thread about the whole Gay Marriage thing. I would have pointed this out earlier, but I only figured out how to do trackbacks today. Yeah, I’m a lazy SOB. Deal….

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