Bye-Bye IndieCrit

I’ve decided to stop updating IndieCrit, not because I’m bored with doing it — I like finding music that other people haven’t heard before — but for the simple fact that hardly anyone visits it. In the average week, it lags behind the visitors to the Whatever by about a multiple of 30. Since the whole point of doing IndieCrit is to spotlight cool indie music, it doesn’t make much sense to sequester off the music in a corner of the empire to which people don’t actually travel.

So what I’ll be doing from this point forward is to take the music I find interesting and put it on the Whatever proper. Ideally I’ll put something up on a daily basis, but realistically (particularly in the next couple of weeks, with a mess of work as well as some travel on my part) I’ll put up something two or three times a week. It’ll benefit me, since I will no longer feel terribly guilty if I skip a day, and I figure it’ll benefit the indie artists, since presumably more people might sample their wares.

Having said that, here’s today’s: Sunset Drive, by The Speeds (their latest EP is here). It’s a slow song by a band who clearly usually rocks faster. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

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