Catblogging 5/26

Ghlaghghee has been with us a year as of tomorrow, and in that time she’s gone from being a tiny ball of fluff to being a rather substantial-sized cat (as you can see from the picture above) and also from being a “he” to a “she.” Actually, she was a she when we got her, but we had been assured she was actually a he. I continue to be confused by this mix-up; sexing kittens is not as complicated as sexing baby chickens. But never mind that now.

I have to say we’re generally pleased with her as a pet. She’s loveable and active with a distinct personality, tolerates Athena well and adores both Kodi and Lopsided Cat (Rex, not so much. But Rex doesn’t like anyone, anyway). And she’s a gorgeous cat, which is always a nice bonus. Best of all, she loves to catch and eat flies, so we’ve hardly had to get out the flyswatter so far this year. She earns her keep.

Athena’s been hinting that she’d like another pet, but we’ve told her that three cats and one very large dog are more than enough for now. We’ll probably acquire a new cat once Rex kicks off, which I expect to be sometime reasonably, but then I’ve been expecting him to kick off for five years now, and he’s stubbornly hanging in there, too mean to die. I respect that, personally. It’s why he’s still my favorite pet.

Anyway, there’s your catblogging for today.

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