Summer Break 2004

The picture above is an excellent metaphor for my presence online through June 6th: I’ll be around, but you won’t see much of me. I’m taking a 10-day summer break, partly because it’s a holiday weekend and I’ll have family fun to experience, and then I’ll be traveling to Chicago, but also because I think it’s an excellent idea to take a week or ten days and just let my brain lie fallow, catch up on my reading and sleep and generally do nothing in an aggressive sort of way.

I won’t be entirely gone. I’ll be putting up a couple of posts a day over at By The Way. It’s that whole “they’re paying me” thing. But if I were you I wouldn’t get my hopes up that there are going to be a lot of them — it’ll basically be minimum maintenance (don’t worry; I told AOL not to expect a lot over the next week).

Likewise, I will be checking my e-mail (if only to clear out the spam so it doesn’t clog my box), but unless I’m trying to schedule a time to meet you in Chicago during Book Expo, I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting a reply until after the 6th. Also, for you Book of the Dumb 2 beta readers: I’m taking a break over there, too. Breathe easy.

Basically, to reiterate: Don’t expect to see much of me for several days.

I will say this: When I get back online, I expect I will have exciting news to share. No, I won’t provide you with any more details than that. Because I’m a sadistic bastard, that’s why.

Have an excellent Memorial Day weekend if you’re in the US (have a great weekend if you’re anywhere else) and I’ll see you back ’round here on the 7th.

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