Mail Woes

Another quick note, which will go a long way to explaining my e-mail woes as of late: Apparently AOL has banned the server I’m on because of spam issues (someone is spamming and it’s not me). Since my mail has apparently not been arriving to more than just AOLers, this makes me wonder how many systems from which my mail has been banned.

I don’t seem to have problems with mail coming in, but of course I don’t really know if any mail’s being dropped.

So: If you’ve been expecting mail from me and haven’t got it (especially if you’re on AOL), this is my new excuse. I’ve already told my host provider if they can’t get this cleared up and fast I’m looking for new hosting. Since I actually do work for AOL, it’s not exactly convenient not to send mail to the damned place.

In the interim I will be looking for a new mail solution. If anyone wants to gift me with a GMail account, that’d be swell.

In the meantime, if you’re going to send me mail, do me a favor and cc: my AOL account as well:

I swore I wouldn’t update again, but the net keeps pulling me back in

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