Daily Archives: June 15, 2004

Flood Journal

See this little lake? Well, actually, it’s supposed to be the road, two fields, and my and my neighbors’ lawns. We had a really massive thunderstorm today and as a result all the water has flooded into the road and is attempting to push its way into the tiny little creek just south of my […]

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Cheese Haiku = Gmail Accounts

Want a Gmanil account and don’t have one? Between now and noon tomorrow write me a haiku describing your rapturous love of cheese and leave it in the comment thread. The authors of the four that amuse me the most shall be awarded Gmail accounts. Although I should note that at the rate Google is […]

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“Democrats say the enthusiasm for defeating Bush runs much stronger and deeper than the passion for electing Kerry. The chief reason: The senator from Massachusetts, they say, has not crisply articulated what a Kerry presidency would stand for beyond undoing much of the Bush agenda.” — Doubts linger as Kerry advances, Washington Post, 6/14/04 Jumpin’ […]

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