“Democrats say the enthusiasm for defeating Bush runs much stronger and deeper than the passion for electing Kerry. The chief reason: The senator from Massachusetts, they say, has not crisply articulated what a Kerry presidency would stand for beyond undoing much of the Bush agenda.”

Doubts linger as Kerry advances, Washington Post, 6/14/04

Jumpin’ Jesus in a lobster bib, isn’t that enough? Honestly now. Wanting more out of Kerry than rolling back the odometer on Dubya is like being upset that the fireman who’s come to keep your house from burning down to the ground isn’t also trimming the lawn. God knows Kerry could spend four years just applying patches to where Bush’s crew have knocked gaping holes in the constitutional drywall. Heck, he’ll need a second term just to get to his own stuff. So, you know, priorities, people.

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  1. Not as bad as Bush

    Scalzi again: In my earlier entry talking about John Kerry’s “problem” with an unarticulated platform not actually being a problem, I got some blowback from folks who pointed out that merely not being the sitting President shouldn’t be enough to…

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