Goin’ Photo Through the Fifth

I’ve got a heap of writing to do on the Book of the Dumb 2 and some preliminary research to get underway for the Science Fiction Film books, so through July 5th, I’ll be switching formats here: Instead of my usual meandering blatherations (which take time to write), each week day I’ll post a picture that I’ve snapped, and maybe (very small) accompanying text (also possibly on the weekends). So while I will not be droning on in by usual way, those of you who sort of click over in the next week by sheer force of habit will still have something to look at. Because, you know, I care.

Also, of course, regular blatheration will continue at By The Way, on account they pay me over there.

See you back in full force on the 5th: Remember not to blow off any of your fingers with fireworks on the 4th. Have a great week.

Oh, and your first photo, from sunset a couple of days ago:

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