Pamie’s Book Drive 2004 — Give, Damn You!

I mentioned this over at By The Way, but I realize that some of you who read the Whatever don’t go to By The Way for some unfathomable reason, so:

Pamie had fine success last year convincing her readers to participate in her book drive for the Oakland public libraries — they ended up contributing more then 650 books — and so this year she’s doing it again, with several San Diego-area libraries as the lucky book recipients.

Pamie wants you to pitch in and donate a book, and, well, so do I. Pamie writes about it here; the entry includes links to Amazon wish lists set up by the libraries, so you can have the book donation go directly from Amazon to the library. Make sure you let Pamie know about it so she can note the donation on her shiny new Book Drive Blog.

So donate a book (or two! They’re small), and put your own link to Pamie’s drive on your blog and/or Journal. The gods of literacy will smile upon you. Also, you’ll be working to reduce the number of clueless near-illiterate bottom-draggers in our world, and that’s always a good thing.