First, a cheap laugh at the New York’s Post’s expense:

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! Of course, screwing up a major story this badly will just make the Post even more vindictive toward Kerry, Edwards and the Democrats — if that’s at all possible — and that’s probably no good, but for the moment it’s amusing to see the paper fall right square on its ass.

As for Edwards: Well, long ago, I expressed the opinion that Edwards got into the race in order to get himself positioned for a nice, cushy VP spot, and I’m pleased not to have been proven wrong (ironically, if my original choice for the Democratic candidate for President — Wesley Clark — had gotten the brass ring, it would have been doubtful Edwards would be in the veep spot. But I was so very wrong on that Clark thing).

As for whether Edwards is a legitimately good choice: Sure, why not? As many other people have noted, he’s from the south, which balances out the ticket and keeps people from freaking out that the south, the regional crybaby of the US, isn’t represented on the Democratic ticket (yes, you southerners, you’re whiners. Whine whine whiny whine whine, the lot of you. You never hear the Pacific Northwest getting into a snit that there’s no one from Oregon on the ticket. Suck it up). He’s telegenic and charismatic to leaven out Kerry’s rather Lurch-like demeanor. He’s considered “young,” which has more to do with his hair and teeth than his actual age (he’s, like, 50), and everyone seems to think that will make a difference. And of course, he actually seems to want the position, which will make a difference when it comes to campaigning. In all, he’s sterling veep material, as far as I can see.

Frankly, it’s not so much that I’m at all enthusiastic about Edwards as I am deeply relieved that Gephardt isn’t anywhere near the ticket. Words cannot describe the unfathomable depths of lassitude a Kerry/Gephardt ticket would have made me feel. I would have voted for it, but for precisely the same reason I’d have colonoscopy, which is that the alternative is worse. It wouldn’t be something you’d do for fun. I’m not hugely a fan of Kerry/Edwards, but at least I don’t get the “Do it because it’s good for you” vibe off the pairing, which at this point counts as a distinct positive.

Can Kerry/Edwards win? Oh, yeah. Now we have to see if they actually will. There’s a long way to go until November. No one get cocky on either side, please.

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