Wonder Twin Powers Activate

Folks who knew me when I was younger — a lot younger — have told me that Athena is the spitting image of me when I was her age. While I think there is of course family resemblance, I remained neutral on the matter, since I don’t particularly remember what I looked like at that age, and didn’t have any pictures from when I was five. That is, until today, when my Aunt Donna sent along a packet of childhood pictures:

You be the judge: Natural family similarities or uncanny clone-like closeness? (That’s Athena on the right, in case you needed help with that.)

One does hope that at a certain time — say around puberty — Athena starts looking quite a bit different than I did at the same age. We’ll just have to see.

Update: 5:37 — Is it just me, or does my 5-year-old forehead seem unnaturally large? I mean, it doesn’t seem that large now, even factoring in the balding. Maybe my brain has shrunk.