Note to self: From this point forward, remember that it’s the 1/4″ attachment you use on your hair clippers, not the 1/8″ attachment. Alas, by the time I realized I was using the wrong attachment I had already buzzed off a big fat swatch of hair; there was nothing to do but finish it up. I don’t think it looks bad, it’s just, you know, really really short.

On the more procedural tip: I’m coming down to the last two weeks before the deadline for Book of the Dumb 2, so it’s reasonably likely that through the end of July I’ll be here every couple of days (or every three days, or whatever) instead of every day. I know that I always say crap like that and then I update, like, seven times in a 24-hour-period, but you know. This is me covering my ass just in case I actually do stay away for several days at a stretch.

Daily updates at By The Way will of course continue, although non-AOL Journalers who visit should be aware that a fair number of the entries there will concern the upcoming one anniversary of the existence of AOL-J; the members there have taken it upon themselves to whomp up a bunch of celebratory activities, and as the official watering hole, I’m keeping up with all the events (and lending a hand from time to time). I think it’s very cool, actually. We hoped AOL members would develop a community, and boy, did they ever. Rock on, AOL-J peeps. Fly your flag!

Anyway, these anniversary celebration entries may be of limited interest to you folks who are not AOL Journal members, although of course I encourage you to join in on the fun anyway. Just tell them you’re with me, and don’t wreck the joint. I will also be writing about stuff other than AOL-J’s anniversary, mind you, so By The Way will still be worth the visit.

Anyway, to recap: Hair very short, possible sporadic Whateveration through 7/31, AOL-J anniversary stuff on BTW. Now you’re entirely up on my life at this moment in time. Aren’t you thrilled.

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