Possibly Suicidal Updating

My comment spam seems to be increasing in the last week or so, and so I will now attempt to install MT-Blacklist to squash it, as if it were a bug. This will almost certainly mean I shall cause irrevocable harm to the MT installation. So if things go freaky around here today, you know why it is. Don’t worry, I’m backing up everything before I start. Pray for success.

Update, 1:05pm: Well, the installation seems to have gone fine (which is to say, I am able to access my MT and write this), BUT I am unable to use the blacklist because it requires Perl 5.005 and my server has but Perl 5.00404. As they say: Arrrrgh. So I called in a request for an update. The tech guy I was speaking with said “Yeah, they probably should update, that version of Perl is from 1997.” Which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence (although on the other hand my troubles with my host have significantly decreased over the last few weeks, so who knows). He suggested they may have an update in the next day or so. That would be nice.

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