I Know It’s Wrong

But I still think it’s damn funny. Oh, don’t fret. The cat’s fine. Anyway, it’s Lopsided Cat, who is definitively our dumbest cat; you could drop a GMC Yukon on his head and he couldn’t get any more dumb.

What I find very amusing is that Athena knows this sort of thing amuses me; she took the bat, walked up to the cat, posed, and then got my attention to take the picture. After which, of course, she very gently put the bat aside and gave Lopsided Cat a nice loving pet session. The thought of actually hurting one of our pets would cause Athena to burst into tears, as well it should. This is one of the reasons I truly dig my kid; at age five she understands the difference between a macabre sense of humor and actually being macabre. She’s going to be unstoppable as a teen.

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