Summer Break

It’s August. I’m taking a summer vacation from the Whatever through Noreascon, which, for those of you not paying attention to the minute details of my life, means I’d be back here September 7 (here’s my Noreascon appearance schedule again, for those of you who want to be in the know). I could give you a lot of excuses for why I’m taking a break, including playtime with Athena before she starts school, work on the SF Film book, a desire to bang out a couple of short stories prior to Noreascon with an eye toward using one for a reading, a need to take some time for long-term career planning, or simply a need to clean my friggin’ filthy office before it implodes, sucking me into its vortex of crap where I will be lost forever. But while all of the above to apply, in fact it’s simply because I’d like to take a break and not use the part of my brain that bangs out the Whatevers for about three weeks. Lying fallow will be good. It’s possible I may put up one or two things here in that time, but, you know. Don’t get your hopes up.

Of course I will still be doing entries for By the Way, because — all together now — they pay me. So please feel free to wander over that direction if you so choose.

Enjoy the rest of August. I’ll see you in September.

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