Noreascon Schedule — Final

The fine folks at Noreascon have been so kind as to publish the final version of the program, along with room numbers and so forth, so please to find below where I will be at Noreascon and when, and with whom:

Thursday 1:00 p H310:
They Should Make a Movie of That…

What SF/F/H short stories, novelettes, novels, trilogies, or series would make great cinema?
Mike Conrad, Jim Mann, John Scalzi (m), Carrie Vaughn

Thursday 3:00 p H205:
Must-See TV and Movies

Are you cineliterate? Can you call yourself a fan if you can’t recognize “Klaatu berada nicto?” Do you know who Tom Corbett is? Why you should stay away from pod people? We’ll talk about the classics, and even the good stuff, from Metropolis to Rocketship XM to Princess Monomoke…
Chris Barkley, Daniel Kimmel, Craig Miller (m), John Scalzi

Friday 1:00 p H304:
Looking Backward: the 20th Century

It was a time of terrible wars and great evils and unparalleled progress, ending with democracy triumphant, right? Well…It was also the time of Milton Berle and Cheese Whiz love beads and Elvis, and…OK, so will the writers and fans of the late 21st century look back on the 20th with nostalgia, with surprise, or with horror? How will people in far future times look at us? Imagine what things about the 20th century that those in the future will look back on in the same way as we view the Roman gladiators…
Esther Friesner (m), Craig Gardner, Terry Pratchett, John Scalzi

Friday 4:00 p H305:
Rumors at the Speed of Light

The downside of rapid internet communication.
Charles Ardai, Sharon Sbarsky, John Scalzi (m)

Saturday 2:00 p H305:
Lies I Learned at the Movies

Let’s discuss at least a few of the thousands or scientific facts that movies teach us—that turn out not to be true. Our favorite: the title of the 1969 “historical” epic about a volcano disaster, Krakatoa, East of Java …um…it’s WEST…
Bob Devney (m), Tamara Jones, Peter Morwood, John Pomeranz, John Scalzi

Saturday 4:30 p Exeter:

John Scalzi

Sunday 10:00 a H306:
Grow Old Along With Me: Aging Your Characters

Why get stuck in adolescence? Middle age is another quest/rite of passage, and so is old age/death. How do you help your characters grow old (gracefully, or not)? How do you work with those parts of the voyage through life in your work? Or, are we being merely mercenary—to sell to an aging market segment?(Or, because we grow old, we grow old…?)
Lois McMaster Bujold, Nancy Kress (m), Jean Lorrah, Steve Miller, John Scalzi, Susan Shwartz

Sunday 4:00 p H303:
Writing for Massively Multiplayer Online Worlds

Good SF/F writing makes or breaks a persistent massively multiplayer online world. Without them, a MMORPG becomes a slayfest, or a simple “go here and do that” list of quests. Experts from the industry talk about how to get more involved in persistent worlds as creative forces from the start of a project to its launch, and what good writing means to a creation of a great game.
Jessica Mulligan, John Scalzi

Monday 2:00 p H309:
SF Chick Flicks

So many SF films are about boys and their toys. What are the SF films with heart and soul? Are there any great SF “romances” that would really work on screen?
Bob Devney, MaryAnn Johanson (m), John Pomeranz, John Scalzi

If you only come to one thing of mine, for God’s sake, come to my reading. I’m hoping to improve attendance from last year, in which only six people attended. To be fair, it was a quality six people — indeed, if you can only have six people attend your reading, it’s hard to do better than Nick Sagan, Justine Larbalestier, Scott Westerfeld, Charlie Stross, Cory Doctorow and some nice random lady — but I am hoping a few more people will show this time around. It’s almost certain I will be taking a reading from Old Man’s War. And to sweeten the pot, I will be giving something away at my reading. Something very cool. No, I won’t tell you what it is. You’ll just have to come to find out.

If you want to see me outside of panels/readings: Unless you’re planning for serendipitous meetings as we walk around, you need to tell me — you can send me e-mail, since I’ll be taking a computer with me and will be checking my mail fairly frequently. Some folks have already made requests for my time, but it would be a big fat lie to say my time is entirely booked up, and I’m of course always happy to chat with people. Some non-panel-related stuff I know I’m going to be at:

* The Hugo Awards (good luck finding me at that, though)
* The Tor Party on Friday night
* The Strange Horizons Tea Party Sunday afternoon

Aside from this stuff I’m likely to be found in the late evenings frequenting whatever bar all the cool kids are hanging around, desperately trying to shoehorn myself in to their circle just like I did last year. I won’t be that hard to find. In case you’ve forgotten what I look like, and can’t be bothered to read the name tag, here’s the look I’m currently sporting:

See you there.

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  1. >So many SF films are about boys and their toys. What are the SF films with heart and soul? Are there any great SF “romances” that would really work on screen?<

    The recent Code 46 comes to mind.