Upgrade Day

After going away and coming back and having to remove 500 pieces of comment spam — and still not being done — I’ve decided today is a fine day to upgrade Moveable Type. So that’s what I will be attempting today. If everything suddenly implodes, you’ll know why.

Provided the upgrade is successful, I’ll soon regale you with Tales From Noreascon! I know you can’t wait.

Update 11:04 AM: Gaaaah. Not going well.

8 Comments on “Upgrade Day”

  1. No, the upgrade wasn’t successful, I just didn’t manage to wreck the joint. I’ll be having a more tech-savvy friend do the install for me in a few days.

  2. “(NB: The Matrix, with Neo, Morpheus and Trinity).”

    Doesnt Jada Pinkett Smith (Niobe) count?


  3. She’s not in the first Matrix movie. Nor is she part of “the team.” Indeed, one might say she’s the Lando Calrissian of the Matrix universe.

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