Note About Comments

Some jerkwad is depositing several hundred comment spam messages a day on the Whatever, and I can’t run MTBlacklist because my friggin’ hosting service hasn’t updated its version of Perl since 1997. So I did the next best thing, which is to close comments on every entry except this month’s entries. So if you wanted to add a comment to something I said in July of 2003, it’s too late now. I will shortly be on MT 3.11, which should solve many of my comment spam problems (cross fingers), but until then, let’s just say that after about three weeks, I’m likely to close entries to comments. So if you’ve got something to say, say it early and often.

On a bright note, I also went through and deleted all the spam comments I could find. So the chances of you running across spam comments touting hot anal lesbian grandmas (or worse — not that there’s anything wrong with hot anal lesbian grandmas, if that’s what you are) is now dramatically lessened. And I think we’re all grateful for that. It does somewhat increase the likelihood that active comment threads will gather spam, but since I’ll actively police those, what spam does accrue will be quickly removed. As I said, it should allow me to hold the fort until my 3.11 installation.

Books & Stuff, 9/11

The ever-rocking Lucy Huntzinger has passed along this picture of me at my Noreascon reading, holding up Old Man’s War. Actually, it’s not really Old Man’s War; it’s the cover to OMW wrapped around another Tor book whose dimensions are near exactly what my book’s will be. But it’s more impressive to hold up a book than merely a cover. Yes, I’m all about appearances.

I got one bit of good news about Old Man’s War recently: It’s been chosen by the Science Fiction Book Club as an Alternate Selection for January 2005, which means that if the members aren’t pleased with the main selection for that month, they can just check a box or something and get my book instead. I don’t know how many will opt for that, but on the other hand now my book will be waved in the face of the many thousands of SFBC members, and, you know. It’s hard to beat that. These people are already motivated to buy science fiction novels, so that’s one less battle to fight.

There is the drawback that contractually, what I get for books sold through the Book Club is less than I get by way of non-Book Club royalties. But let me provide you with a bracing moment of honesty, here. I am a first time novelist. At this point, it’s really more important for me and to me to get read. If the Book Club does it, well, bring it on. I’m not hurting financially, and the potential long-term payoff (more readers hopefully willing to shell out for my books) is worth it.

So, if you’re a member of the Science Fiction Book Club, you know what to look forward to with your January selection card. Tell the folks you know.

The folks at Tor have been strongly hinting that they want the followup to OMW sooner than later, which is a nice fuzzy feeling, if you ask me. So depending on how quickly things fall together, the second novel you may see from me could be The Ghost Brigades rather than The Android’s Dream. Is this possible delay to TAD’s publication good or bad? Honestly, I don’t see it as either; it’s simply of matter of my publisher trying to fine-tune things to get the maximum result. This is, mind you, manifestly better than one’s publisher simply plopping the book onto the market. It’s comforting to know other people have a strategy to make me a popular writer.

As long as we’re on the subject of books, I’ll also note that Book of the Dumb 2 is now available for pre-order on Amazon; if you’re hankering to get a fresh load o’ stupidity hot off the presses, you know what to do.

I’m banging away on Rough Guide to Science Fiction Film right now; I’m slightly behind but I’m catching up. One thing I keep forgetting is how quickly I write — I banged out about 6,000 words yesterday (most of a chapter) and I’m polishing it today before going on. Be aware that I’m aware writing fast is not the same thing as writing well; still, this book is on a tight deadline and it’s nice to remember that one I bother to get going on writing it comes pretty quickly. It’s always the starting of the writing that’s the annoying part.

It’s 9/11; I’m remembering, as should you. I made a brief entry about it on By The Way, check it out if you like.

Back to the Science Fiction Film book…