The Mosh Pit Eats Its Own


Sure, the mosh pit at a Puddle of Mudd concert looks cute and harmless from a distance. But you get inside, and, well, it’s bruise city. Fair warning.

Krissy says: “You should see the other guy.” What’s left of him, anyway.

9 Comments on “The Mosh Pit Eats Its Own”

  1. Sue says:

    “Y’all own a minivan. Don’t you know you’re not allowed in mosh pits?”

    It’s true. By law, we’re only allowed to see package deal concerts starring Night Ranger and/or REO Speedwagon and/or Journey.

    Krissy’s excuse is that our teenage niece had never been in a mosh pit, so Krissy took her in and then basically acted as her bodyguard. See? It’s an aunt-niece bonding experience. A family-oriented mosh pit, if you will.

  2. I think you get “cool bonus points” for being in a mosh pit, way to go ;) Another handy tip: wear shoes not sandals!

  3. Krissy gets super-well-adjusted confidence points for allowing a less than flattering picture of her to be posted for the nameless hordes to see.

  4. Go Krissy!

    My wife’s also much more butch than I am/was in a pit as well. And that’s *so* incredibly sexy…

    Even when I was underemployed, leather clad, and had enough hair to make it do cool things, I tended to either be lurking in the back, or tech for the band, and immune to pit chaos.

    My wife on the other hand got stomped on and her breathing cut off from the push a few times. And, yes, she’s way cooler than I am. This is the same wife who proudly showed me her “frat-boy-kickin'” boots when we first met.

    And she earns more than I do now.


  5. Wow Krissy…. You & Kailani should go see some concerts together…. looks like you too would have a blast!!!! Your both NUTS!!!
    Love ya girl…Heather

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