How I Know Autumn Has Begun:

Today is the day I flicked the thermostat from “Cool” to “Heat.”

Stupid autumn.

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  1. Y’all should come down to North Carolina, where it’s forecast for 80 today, sunny all week. It was a very pleasant 60 degrees for my morning run today. I typically have to wear gloves for my run only about two months out of the year.

    Of course, we pay for that with our 95-degree, 99 percent humidity summers, but hey, life’s a trade-off.

  2. I knew it was autumn when I woke up today with a mild fever and a sinus headache.

    Still my favorite season, though, once I get over the initial sickness.

  3. In a cruel twist of fate, the afternoons are perfect for riding my motorcycle home from work, but the ungodly hour that the expect me to show up for work, would leave me feeling like a popscicle if I were to ride the bike there.

  4. I know what you mean. When I went out swimming in the ocean yesterday, I had to wear a surf shirt. The water’s down to 68 degrees, brrr.

  5. There should be a word for the smell that comes the first time you turn on the furnace in the fall. I wonder what causes it? Is it the combustion of the fungi that have been living on the AC coils all summer? Yuck!

  6. Y’all should come down here to Houston, where it’s still in the 90s. We’re all atwitter with excitement, though, because it’s only supposed to be in the mid-80s next week.

    It’ll probably be another month till I need to turn the furnace on and that’ll only be to warm up the house first thing in the morning.


    I hate summer.

  7. Sigh. Want to trade weathers? I’m still running all the air conditioners and sitting in front of a fan whenever humanly possible. Come on, weather gods, give me an excuse to wear multiple sweaters and sleep under so many blankets I can’t move my arms! You know you want to!

  8. I’m glad we invaded Afghanistan, since now I can wrap an Afghan around my shoulders when it gets this cold.
    Posted by: Ryan Freebern at September 30, 2004 10:14 AM

    That’s gotta be brutal, man. Them dogs is heavy!