In Case You’re Wondering…

The reason I haven’t posted thoughts on the debate is that I haven’t watched it yet. I was busy last night with Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, which I thought was a sufficient excuse. However, I’ll be watching the debates later today (probably) and any comments I have I’ll make then. Of course, it’s not as if tons of other people aren’t essaying this topic in their own blogs. The general consensus seems to be that Kerry came out ahead in the debate, but not too far ahead, and that Bush needs to be careful not to smirk so damn much, even when he thinks the camera isn’t on him. If that’s indeed the case, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Anyway, more on this later.

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  1. Hrmm… funny linking going on at teh top of this blog, I get sent back in time if I follow the “next” entry “Disclaimer”.

  2. Kerry did good. Bush did adequate. Bush struggled for words many times. He always did find them, but a fraction of a second longer and he would have looked bad, very bad.

    The best summary I’ve heard came from my seven year old daughter. She said “George Bush is little,” and doggone if she wasn’t right. He looked like someone drained 10% of the air out of him. The word is that he was tired from visiting hurricane victims earlier in the day.

    I think he was tired. He’s tired of being President. He told us repeatedly how hard the work is. He also told us repeatedly “wrong war, wrong place, wrong time.”

    Kerry, meanwhile, looked Presidential. I will like him as President.

  3. Kerry did very well indeed, no home run but a solid triple I’d say. Hopefully he won’t be like the Boston Red Sox and choke in the end.

  4. I saw Metropolis for the second time this summer in Atlanta at the Fox Theater, with a live organ accompaniment. The music was fantastic, the film, creepy. Why do men go crazy because they see a sexy woman? Why does anyone follow the spoiled child of privilege who does nothing for the city? What is the point of the clock-thingy that the workers have to operate non-stop? Why can’t they just automate the process of lining up the hands with the flashing lights?

    The best part of the film, cinematography-wise, was the underground chase scene with the spotlight on the girl. Just a haunting visual effect, stunningly well executed.

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  7. I think that the lords of Metropolis refrained from automating the clock-machine and other devices vital to the city in order to wear down the workers so they didn’t have time for independent thought. Supposedly the long bread lines in Soviet Russia served the same purpose.

    I remember someone pointing out that in our country, the average person is taxed to the point that he has enough money left to get a beer or something after work, but not enough to really get ahead. Same principle, maybe.

  8. I try really hard not to watch political debates. Not because I don’t find them interesting; I am a political junkie and find these kinds of things interesting. (I once sat and watched the Nova Scotia provincial election returns with a couple of buddies over beer and pizza; none of us were from Nova Scotia and only one of us actually had been to Nova Scotia. That should give you an idea of how much of a political junkie I am).

    I don’t watch political debates because of my notion of truth with respect to political debates. The truth of what happened in a political debate is what the pundits say happened. It doesn’t matter what actually happened; it only happened or was important if the pundits say it is. Unfortunately watching the debates gives you some first hand information that gets in the way of understanding what happened, which is what the pundits say happened.

    I watched this debate with the same friends that I watched the Nova Scotia election returns. My first hand view is that Bush won. He had a message and stuck to it, whereas Kerry didn’t seem to have a message. What I think however doesn’t matter. The pundits say that Kerry won, therefore Kerry won.

    So if you haven’t the debates yet, don’t bother. Just read about them.


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