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Leave a comment, would ya? I’m not entirely convinced I’ve set up my comments correctly so that anyone can leave a comment. If you can’t leave a comment, drop me an e-mail and let me know. Thanks.

The Whatever is Alive!

Looks like I wasn’t down nearly as long as I thought I would be. The Whatever is now alive once more, with all its previous entries as well — although, as I suspected, they all have brand spankin’ new URLs. That’s what the search engine is for.

All the text is up, but I should stress the Whatever isn’t running at full power. There are no images right this very second (I’ll be uploading them tonight, most likely), and I’ll be fiddling with the template to get a look that I like (I probably won’t return to the “Jupiter” look although I don’t know what yet what I’ll do to replace it. Expect the Whatever to have a variable level of usability for the next couple of weeks. For this reason, you may still want to read the Whatever in Exile over at LiveJournal — if nothing else, its appearance won’t be changing wildly. I’ll be posting everything I post here over there as well.

The rest of is still out of commission. I’ll be working on it, as advertised, over the rest of the month.

That’s all for now — more later.