A Note From Athena

Athena says:

“Hi there! My dad is going to be fiddling with the layout of the Whatever today, so at times it’s going to look really really bad. Please humor him. He’s a silly man, but we tolerate him anyway.”

Update: 11:55 — I know you can’t see comments at the moment. I’m fiddling, remember. Rest assured it won’t be that way forever.

9 Comments on “A Note From Athena”

  1. John, I never fail to be impressed at how adorable your daughter is. Excellent picture. :-)

  2. Michelle:

    No, the RSS feed should still be there. My site imploded and I had to swtich providers. I put up the LiveJournal as a stopgap as I rebuilt the Scalzi.com site. I’ll be updating there for another week or so (I’m double posting entries) and then it’ll be back here full time.