Catching Up on the Petblogging


I haven’t done much petblogging here at the Whatever recently — I’ve sort of migrated that sort of action over to By The Way, where it seems somehow more apropos — but I understand that many of the Whatever readers who do not avail themselves of my AOL Journal stylings yet yearn to see the furrier members of the Scalzi household.

So here you go: A semi-rare picture of Lopsided Cat and Kodi in the same frame, out enjoying a day together. Lopsided Cat and Kodi do in fact get along tolerably well; they’re not as close as Kodi and Ghlaghghee are (the two of them will often nap together), but they seem to have a good working relationship, and Lopsided Cat takes the occasional chase by Kodi in stride, dutifully sprinting for a while before ending the festivities by turning and giving Kodi a light swat on the nose. Everyone gets some exercise; everyone’s happy.

As an aside, there’s something about Lopsided Cat’s expression in the photo that reminds me of president William Taft; I can’t explain why, and even if I could, I’m not sure I would want to.

3 Comments on “Catching Up on the Petblogging”

  1. Your association of Lopsided Cat’s expression with our most substantial president is similar to one I had as a child. For reasons passing understanding, there was a particular style of car door handle popular in the early 70s that always reminded me of “Match Game” host Gene Rayburn.

  2. Nah, I can see the Taft resemblance. Cats do have remarkably expressive faces sometimes. Fergus, our Burmese, is a dead ringer for Teddy Roosevelt when he feels affronted. And I’m not just leapfrogging on your presidential example — my husband and I have noticed and commented on it for years.

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