Pre-Hiatus Thoughts

As promised and threatened, I am officially starting my hiatus at the end of this entry; between now and December 1 the only thing you’ll see here are links to cool music I’ve found online. The one exception to this will be if/when I get my hardback copies of Old Man’s War and the notice it’s been spotted in the stores; I will then of course let you all know so you may commence your purchasing frenzy. But otherwise: All music, all the time.

Please don’t take my absence personally. It’s not you. It’s that I have a book to write in a month. The good news for me is that it’s about science fiction movies, a subject that I certainly should be able to write a book about in a month, given the fact I write science fiction and have been reviewing movies for most of a dozen years. But it’s still just a month to write a lot of words. Best if I protect you all from the insanity (although, of course, I’ll still be writing over at By The Way. See if you can detect the strain and insanity in my entries over there).

In case you’re wondering if I have any final thoughts on the election: No, I don’t. I’ve made my endorsement, and you all know how I’m planning to vote. I’m not going to make a prediction as to who’s going to win because honestly I don’t have a clue; I just know I’m going to do my part to make sure it’s not George W. Bush. I do know I am deeply tired of this election season and I just want it to be over. Just even thinking about it anymore is difficult; my brain is rebelling at the idea of trying to picture the newspaper headlines on Nov. 3.

I will say this: Vote, damn it. All right, I’m officially done with the subject of the 2004 election.

Have a good November, and remember I’ll be putting up music links through the month, so it won’t be entirely devoid of content around here. Come around when you’re in the mood to listen to something. As for writing from me, come back in December. I’ll be here.

13 Comments on “Pre-Hiatus Thoughts”

  1. I have my copy of OMW on pre-order from Amazon and BOTD2 will be coming with it. I’m looking forward to lots of holiday reading.

  2. Fine, fine, I’ll freakin’ vote on Tuesday already. Yeesh! I mean, I was going to vote anyway (for Kerry, go Kerry!), but with all yer harpin’, I ain’t got no choice. Or grasp of proper English, it would seem.