Patience, Young Jedi

I’ll be back first thing tomorrow. I swear. In the meantime: A musical based on The Karate Kid. Here are the MP3s. They’re kind of terrifying.

Musical Selection: Thanksgiving Edition

Here’s an entire album for you: What is Hip? Which features a bunch of hip-hop dudes remixing white-bread hits from the 70s from the Warner Bros. vaults. It’s not bad, and for some odd reason I find the version of Gary Wright’s “Dream Weaver,” remixed by the Supreme Beings of Leisure, surprisingly compelling, and not too egregiously hip-hopped-up (you’ll need to hit the forward button a few clicks to find it; I’m sure you’re competent to handle that). If you can’t handle not having the album for your very own, there’s a buy it now button. I’m linking directly to the flash player, by the way. Here’s the actual site.

Stuff yourselves silly tomorrow; See you Monday.

I Heart Instapundit

I impressed upon the marketing people at Tor that they would want to get an advanced copy of Old Man’s War over to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, and here’s why: This morning, OMW’s Amazon ranking was about 150,000. This afternoon, after Glenn mentioned he’d received the book and put in a link to Amazon, it was up at 903. And that’s simply a mention that the book arrived on his desk. In all, an object lesson of the power of blogs (or at the very least, Instapundit) in late 2004.

Note to self: Send sparkly seasonal thank you card, and possibly a nice fruit basket, to Professor Reynolds.

Update: Pamie’s plugged me too! It’s good to have friends. I think I’ll put her in the book acknowledgements.

Music Selection 11/22/04

As proof that just about every song sounds better in ska form: “Sugar Sugar,” interpreted by Bigger Thomas. The Archies should weep in gratitude. Speaking of which, here’s an mp3 of the original song, featuring real live singer Ron Dante (you didn’t think Archie really did his own tunes, did you? Dude, he was totally fake!).

Music Selection 11/17

Music selection for today: “Doing Fine” from Johnny High Ground (aka my pal Joe Rybicki), which is a very touching elegy for his father.

Joe’s also posted a nice complementary of Old Man’s War here. The view should be tempered (as he notes) by the fact that not only does he know me, but also by the fact that a minor character in the game is named after him. To be honest, this has less to do with a tip of the hat to Joe than the fact I am totally friggin awful with names, and I happened to be reading OPM (where Joe is an editor) at that moment. On the other hand, it’s fun to put names of people you know into one’s books. I recommend it to anyone.

I’ll be out tomorrow but will be back on Friday.

Musical Selection and a Livejournalistic Moment

First, the music selection for today: “In Time” by Kelly Hogan. Great voice.

Second, I’m gonna get all LiveJournal on ya (not that there’s anything wrong with that — some of my best friends have LiveJournals!) and do one of those random “follow the leader” things — which I’m also doing today on By The Way. To wit:

1. Open up the music player on your computer (if you have one — the music player, I mean. Clearly you have a computer, because otherwise you couldn’t read this).

2. Set it to play your entire music collection.

3. Hit the “shuffle” command.

4. Tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing. That’s right, no skipping that Carpenters tune that will totally destroy your hip credibility. It’s time for total musical honesty. You can put the list in the comment thread, or write it up in your blog or Journal and then post a link in the comments.

Here’s my list:

1. “Grey Matter” — Oingo Boingo
2. “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” — Radiohead
3. “Live-In Skin” — Foo Fighters
4. “On Golden Beams” — Jack DeJohnette
5. “Watson & Crick” — Michael Manring
6. “Long Line of Cars” — Cake
7. “Man of Constant Sorrow” — Rod Stewart
8. “Cruel” — Tori Amos
9. “Wholly Holy” — Marvin Gaye
10. “Don’t Go Away” — Oasis

And another 10, just for fun:

11. “Girl of My Best Friend” — Bryan Ferry
12. “Young” — Nickel Creek
13. “Tainted Love” — Soft Cell
14. “Nothing Wrong With You” — Finn Brothers
15. “Hero of the Day” — Metallica
16. “Who Wants to Live Forever” — Queen
17. “Small Town” — John Mellencamp
18. “Cry, Cry, Cry” — Johnny Cash
19. “Gabriel (MJ Cole Mix)” — Lamb
20. “I X Love” — Charlie Mingus

What’s your random shuffle?

Dayton Daily News Article

Gettin’ Old Media on you: I have the Life section cover story in today’s Dayton Daily News, in which I undergo a six-hour marathon of “Chucky” films as a lead-up to today’s release of Seed of Chucky. The story is here, and it’s fairly amusing. Be aware the DDN site makes you register to see content, but of course you can use to get around that if you don’t want to fill out the form.

Music 11/12/04

Let’s see how much bandwidth I really have. Here’s a link to a remix I did of Depeche Mode’s “I Feel Loved,” off their Exciter album. I’m not terribly fond of the original song, to be honest, so I chopped it up a bit, added some drums, and fuzzed out the synth line. Is it any better than the original? Couldn’t say. But I like it better.

Music Selection 11/11/04

Another reader suggestion: “Plea From a Cat Named Virtue” from The Weakerthans. Told from the point of view of a cat who is surprisingly positive about the hidden qualities of his slacker owner.

Book of the Dumb 2 Officially on Sale!

Yes, the second installment of this best-selling series, written by yours truly, is now available for your purchasement and enjoyination, both online and at your favorite real-world purveyor of books and book-like objects. If you have not already pre-ordered the book and six or seven of its identical siblings, may I suggest ordering through the Publisher, who is offering the book at the unbeatable price of $7.77 (through 12/31/04. Hurry!). Of course, if you prefer to advance my Amazon ranking instead, by all means, be my guest.

Need to see samples? Here you go: A short one, a medium one, and a long one (scroll down past the sales verbiage at the top to see the samples).

I had a lot of fun writing it, and I think that comes through. I hope you enjoy it.

Music Selection 11/9/04

On suggestion: “Coin Operated Boy” by the Dresden Dolls. This is what happens when you let your kids listen to too much Brecht and Weill. I will note personally that I find the song works better accompanied by the video (high bandwidth | low bandwidth).

Music 11/8/04

“The Devil of Us All” by the Newbees. From their album Songs From a Dilapidated Apartment. It’s all about clever geeks amusing clever geeks.

Unholy 80s Mashup

No, I won’t describe it. Just be prepared to scream.


Come December 1, I’ll have lots to say and you know I’ll say it. In the meantime:

1. If you’re depressed about the election, well, you have cause. Take the rest of the week to be depressed. Heck, take the weekend.

2. Anyone still paralyzed by liberal depression at midnight, Monday November 8 will be summarily brained with a plank. There’s too much to do to tolerate your whiny, ineffectual ass after that point.

You either lie down or you stand up.

See you in December.

Musical Selection 11/3

Hello Hello Hi,” by From Bubblegum to Sky. It’s poppy, in a sad way. Or perhaps sad in a poppy way. Either works.

Music to Vote By


My daughter, who is five years old, dragged her butt out of bed an hour and a half early so she could go and pretend to vote at the Kids Voting USA table at our polling place. Because she wanted to.

If a kid who won’t legally be able to vote until 2018 can get herself to the polls, then your legally-eligible-to-vote ass has no possible excuse not to. Vote.

Your music for today: Shenandoah, by The Yale Spizzwinks(?), and the “(?)” is apparently part of the name. A soothing tune for a nervous time.

Musical Selection 11/1

Skullcrusher Mountain” from Jonathan Coulton.

Album: Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow