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Gettin’ Old Media on you: I have the Life section cover story in today’s Dayton Daily News, in which I undergo a six-hour marathon of “Chucky” films as a lead-up to today’s release of Seed of Chucky. The story is here, and it’s fairly amusing. Be aware the DDN site makes you register to see content, but of course you can use to get around that if you don’t want to fill out the form.

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  1. Ah Chucky, I was very surprised when the trailer for Seed of Chucky snuck up on me, wasn’t expecting another one. Still, if it follows on Bride’s style I’ll be happy, Ronny Yu really made a funny and appealing movie out of what little material he was given to work with. As an aside, I couldn’t really complain about Freddy vs Jason, it was quite a pleasant piece of fan service, as opposed to say Alien vs Predator that literally put me to sleep mid-movie :(.

  2. Wow. Whatever you got paid for this, it wasn’t enough. I don’t think I could sit through several hours of a series I really *liked.*

    I was going to copy and paste your line about the audience running screaming from the metaphysical implications of having to like a character played by Brad Dourif so I could quote it here, but my computer actually refused to highlight that line so I could copy it. Really. I tried several times — it wouldn’t work. Even my computer can’t deal with the concept of Brad Dourif playing a normal guy, apparently. Oh well.

    I found “Bride of Chucky” pretty entertaining, but I’ll probably wait until “Seed of Chucky” hits HBO (pardon the mental image), John Waters notwithstanding.

  3. If the newspaper truly “needed” a summary of the previous four movies, I fear for Dayton.

    Still, major props for a gratuitious display of voluntary masochism.

  4. Brad Dourif is one of those actors that is immediately recognizable, but that one out of a thousand movie-goers couldn’t tell you his name. IMDB says that he has been in 89 movies between 1975 and 2004. It’s a rather eclectic list (Mississippi Burning and Seeds of Chucky? One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Critters 4?).

  5. Thank you! (and thx for the account opener). I avoid this genre of movie generally. But I had been curious about the saga of Chucky as it has been around since forever. I’m glad I could read your work…as I was not curious enough to actually watch a Chucky movie.

  6. Oh, the horror… the horror…

    What was it exactly that you did in a past life to deserve what you just did? Commit genocide? I’m thinking that the only thing that you could have gone through that would be worse than Chucky is the awful Leprechaun series (of which, I think there are 6 now). My eyes bleed in sympathy.

    I’m a huge horror flick fan, but not a big slasher flick fan (with the exceptions of Friday the 13th parts 1 and 2, Halloween 1 and Nightmare on Elm Street Elm Street 1, which prove the rule). I tend to think that you do horror movies a disservice by calling slasher flicks “horror”. They may be a subset of the whole, but they hardly define the genre.

    Keep up the good (?) work so that we don’t have to…

  7. Hi ny name is Tanya and I’M from Ireland.Im a HUGE!fan of Mr.Dourif ‘s work.Ever since I saw him in One flew over the cuckoo’s nest I began to collect all or most of his films when ever i get the chance.He is my favourite horror icon of all time and I’m hoping in the future I will see him making more movies on the big screen.He has exceptional talent and is a master at what he does.thanks again


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