Musical Selection and a Livejournalistic Moment

First, the music selection for today: “In Time” by Kelly Hogan. Great voice.

Second, I’m gonna get all LiveJournal on ya (not that there’s anything wrong with that — some of my best friends have LiveJournals!) and do one of those random “follow the leader” things — which I’m also doing today on By The Way. To wit:

1. Open up the music player on your computer (if you have one — the music player, I mean. Clearly you have a computer, because otherwise you couldn’t read this).

2. Set it to play your entire music collection.

3. Hit the “shuffle” command.

4. Tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing. That’s right, no skipping that Carpenters tune that will totally destroy your hip credibility. It’s time for total musical honesty. You can put the list in the comment thread, or write it up in your blog or Journal and then post a link in the comments.

Here’s my list:

1. “Grey Matter” — Oingo Boingo
2. “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” — Radiohead
3. “Live-In Skin” — Foo Fighters
4. “On Golden Beams” — Jack DeJohnette
5. “Watson & Crick” — Michael Manring
6. “Long Line of Cars” — Cake
7. “Man of Constant Sorrow” — Rod Stewart
8. “Cruel” — Tori Amos
9. “Wholly Holy” — Marvin Gaye
10. “Don’t Go Away” — Oasis

And another 10, just for fun:

11. “Girl of My Best Friend” — Bryan Ferry
12. “Young” — Nickel Creek
13. “Tainted Love” — Soft Cell
14. “Nothing Wrong With You” — Finn Brothers
15. “Hero of the Day” — Metallica
16. “Who Wants to Live Forever” — Queen
17. “Small Town” — John Mellencamp
18. “Cry, Cry, Cry” — Johnny Cash
19. “Gabriel (MJ Cole Mix)” — Lamb
20. “I X Love” — Charlie Mingus

What’s your random shuffle?

86 Comments on “Musical Selection and a Livejournalistic Moment”

  1. “Winterwood” – Don Mclean
    “Lords of Thunder” – Rhapsody
    “Way Out” – Unjust
    “American Pie” – Don Mclean
    “Were not Sorry (Reprise) – Urinetown – John Cullum
    “Room 5” – Unjust
    “Trolls in the Dark” – Rhapsody
    “Warrior of Ice” – Rhapsody
    “Myron” – Unjust
    “Maid of Honor” – 3rd Degree

  2. I am SO uncool. And, looking again at the list, I’m quite possibly schizophrenic.

    Here ’tis:

    Double Dutch Bus — Gap Band;
    Blood and Fire — Indigo Girls;
    Cherry, Cherry — Neil Diamond;
    Wayne — Chantal Kreviazuk;
    The Greek Song — Rufus Wainwright;
    Brandy — Looking Glass;
    Get Gone — Fiona Apple;
    Anniversary Song — Eva Cassidy;
    The Ladder — Paula Cole;
    Your Day Will Come — Cousteau

    No laughing. Don’t hate.

  3. “Body Count Anthem” – Body Count

    “Kooler Than Jesus (Electric Messiah Mix) – My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult

    “Don’t Come Around Here No More” – Tom Petty

    “Lorelei” – Cocteau Twins

    “Believe” – Cher

    “Rocket Queen” – Guns ‘n Roses

    “Nothing Else Matters” – Apoptygma Berzerk

    “Detonation Boulevard” – Sisters of Mercy

    “Long Cool Woman (in a Black Dress)” – The Hollies

    “Happy Jack” – The Who

  4. Huh. The comment preview does not display linebreaks in the same way as the final comment. That is, linebreaks are not shown in the preview but do show up in the end.

  5. 1. “Revolve” – Nine Days
    2. “I Don’t Want To Know” – The Donnas
    3. “More Than A Feeling” – Boston
    4. “Symbolistic White Walls” – Matthew Good
    5. “Welcome To Paradise” – Green Day
    6. “I Alone” – Live
    7. “Lost It” – The Hippos
    8. “Hit Rock Bottom” – The Dandy Warhols
    9. “I Can’t Be With You” – The Cranberries
    10. “Ordinary” – Train

  6. “The Guitar Man” — Cake
    “Homeward Bound Angel” — Blue Rodeo
    “Everything Must Go!” — The Weakerthans
    “Clark Gable” — Postal Service
    “Daktari” — 10,000 Maniacs
    “The Decision To Turn Around” — James Horner (from the Perfect Storm soundtrack)
    “The Secret Marriage” — Sting
    “Mountains Win Again” — Blues Traveler
    “Fight The Power” — Barenaked Ladies
    “Trick Candles” — Zykos

    I’m glad The Weakerthans showed up there, since I’ve been pimping them so much…

    And I’m having linebreaks too. We’ll see if this looks better in the post than in Preview.

  7. 1. Twilight Singers – “Papillon”

    2. Beastie Boys – “Get It Together”

    3. Hunter Sykes Duo – “Never Let Me Go”

    4. Limp Bizkit – “Nookie”

    5. U2 – “Bullet The Blue Sky”

    6. Ministry – “New World Order”

    7. Stereolab – “French Disco”

    8. OutKast – “Knowing”

    9. Tenacious D – “My Biznitch Is The Shiznit”

    10. Cibo Matto – “About a Girl (Nirvana cover)”

  8. “Age of Innocence”, Smashing Pumpkins
    “You Don’t Own Me”, Rasputina
    “Nutopia”, Meg Lee Chin
    “Bodyrock”, Moby
    “I’m Your Boogeyman”, White Zombie
    “Message in a Bottle”, Police
    “Life During Wartime (Live)”, Talking Heads
    “Find My Baby”, Moby
    (Okay, I have literally hundreds of non-Moby songs on my stupid iPod. I don’t know why it randomly picked two Moby songs.)
    “My War”, Henry Rollins
    “End of the World As We Know It,” R.E.M.

    I’ve got stuff on my iPod that’s potentially much more humiliating than this list, but I’m quitting while I’m ahead.

  9. This is why I don’t shuffle my entire music collection…

    1. “Train Don’t Leave”–Richard Thompson
    2. “Bus Stop”–The Hollies
    3. “Stop, Do Not Go On”–from ‘The Gospel at Colonus’
    4. “Crosstown Traffic”–Jimi Hendrix
    5. “Sisters of Mercy”, performed by Sting & the Chieftains
    6. “25 Minutes to Go”–Johnny Cash
    7. “Look Higher Up”–Katie Henry
    8. “Civilization”–Danny Kaye
    9. “Irresistible”–The Corrs
    10. “This Jesus Must Die”–from ‘JC Superstar’

  10. Girlyman – “Young James Dean (live 12-7-03)”
    Verve Pipe – “Gotta Move On”
    Pirates of the Caribbean – “Walk the Plank”
    Something ELse – “DiDiDi”
    Kyo – “Dernière danse”
    Utada Hikaru – “Distance”
    Something Corporate – “The Runaway”
    Athenaeum – “Comfort (acoustic)”
    Flashbulb Diary – “Television”
    Fountainhead – “Mistaken”

    Only 7/10 in English!

  11. 1. “Ice” – Aina
    2. “68” – Jawbox
    3. “Break” – Fugazi (I swear I’m not this punk rock)
    4. “I Know What I Know” – Paul Simon (ahh, there we go)
    5. “Red” – Belly
    6. “Know Your Onion!” – The Shins
    7. “Laura Laurent” – Bright Eyes
    8. “Refused on Temple St.” – Isadore
    9. “Believe It” – New Model Army
    10. “Black Wind, Fire and Steel” – Manowar (YES!!)

    To be fair, though, this is my selection at work, which isn’t quite as, erm, eclectic as what I’ve got at home.


  12. 1. Telling Stories – Tracy Chapman
    2. Fourth Movement, Symphony 25 – Mozart
    3. Uniform Grey – Sarah Harmer
    4. Devotion – Tracy Chapman
    5. This is the end, huh – Doug and Bob McKenzie
    6. III cis dur (whatever that is–it’s from “The Well-Tempered Clavier) – Bach
    7. Carry That Weight – Beatles
    8. Something – Beatles
    9. Ida Red – Asleep at the Wheel
    10. X 3-moll (another Bach WTC thingy)

    FYI, mac users, you can make a Smart Playlist to generate your random list without actually playing the songs (I at least couldn’t figure out how to display the regular playlist in random order).

    There are so many repeats because I hardly have any music on this computer. I very rarely listen to music on my computer and I don’t have an iPod or anything. However, we do have a dedicated music server in the LR that is gradually being loaded with all our CDs, so that list would actually be more indicative of what I listen to; I’m just too lazy to walk in there and do the assignment there.

  13. Commentary on each track at

    James, “One of the Three”
    Foo Fighters, “February Stars”
    Pet Shop Boys, “Where the Streets Have No Name/Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”
    Morrissey, “Everyday is Like Sunday”
    REM, “Binky the Doormat”
    Digi Valley, “Deeper Love”
    U2, “Love is Blindness”
    The Time, “The Bird”
    The Clash, “Lover’s Rock”
    Pearl Jam, “Low Light”

  14. Oh, come on – don’t you folks have kids?

    “Dance of the Hours” from La Gioconda- Amilcare Conchielli (Fantasia)
    “Belle” – Cast of Beauty and the Beast
    “This is the Time” – Billy Joel
    “See Ya” – Carole & Paula (that’s right, the Magic Garden – gotta problem with that?)
    “Canto Alla Vita” – Josh Grobin
    “Bad Case of Loving You” – Robert Palmer
    “Everyday” – Bon Jovi
    “The People in Your Neighborhood” – Sesame Street
    “New York Groove” – Ace Frehley
    “Undecided Blues” – Tony Bennett

    Usually, I listen to my “No Kids or Classical” playlist when I’m not with the kids. Even though it wasn’t part of the question, here’s 10 random songs from that list (more indicative of my musical tastes, I think, although with several hundred Billy Joel songs in there, it’s amazing there wasn’t at least one in the first ten):

    “Have I Told You Lately” – Rod Stewart
    “Will You Still Love Me?” – Chicago
    “Bobby Jean” – Bruce Springsteen
    “She’s Not You” – Elvis Presley
    “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” – Stockard Channing (Grease)
    “Three Times a Lady” – Lionel Richie
    “Downtown Train” – Bruce Springsteen
    “I See Your Smile” – Gloria Estefan
    “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” – Billy Joel & Elton John (Live)
    “Hound Dog” – Elvis Presley

  15. No, we don’t have kids.

    I wasn’t going to humiliate myself, but seeing as how Brian’s already gone…. Let me preface, my musical tastes? They just suck.

    But it appears that random selections can work in my favor:

    Say Goodbye to Hollywood / Billy Joel
    Walk of Life / Dire Straits
    Don’t Be Cruel / Cheap Trick
    I Hate The Beach Boys / Bobs
    And So It Goes / Billy Joel
    Larger Than Life / Backstreet Boys
    All the Things She Said / Tatu
    Ash Hash / Moxy Früvous
    Song of Leaving / Grey Eye Glances
    An Innocent Man / Billy Joel

    Billy Joel heaviness is about as anomalous as his absence was in Brian’s….

  16. I had to skip one ’cause I honestly don’t know what it is—it just says “Track 12” and the friend who gave me the mix disc has since forgotten.

    “Stitch” – Apoptygma Bezerk

    “Gentle Death” – Excessive Force

    “Mood Indigo/Hot & Bothered/Creole Love Call” – Duke Ellington

    “I’m Deranged” – David Bowie

    “My Little Shirtwaist Fire” – Rasputina

    “En Garde!” – Project Pitchfork

    “Eirigh Suas A Stoirin” – Maire Brennan

    “Aria” – Delerium (feat. The Medieval Babes)

    “‘S fagaim mo bhaile” – Enya

    “Big Stripey Lie” – Kate Bush

    Normally, I use “Party Mix Mode,” which may not be using the same selection method as straight-up Shuffle. So, in the interests of comparison (and because its easy to look at the next ten songs in the list), I give you another 10:

    “Make It Rain” – Tom Waits (I was wondering when he’d show up, its not like there’s a shortage of his songs in there)

    “Fantasies” – Funkervogt

    “DIY” – KMFDM

    “Why Go?” – Faithless

    “All I Want” – Offspring

    “In Rythmus Bleiben” – Front 242

    “Western Dream” – New Model Army

    “I Am The Rain” – Assemblage 23

    “On The Tweek Again” – Primus

    Hmmm, preview doesn’t display the line breaks? I hope this doesn’t look awful.

  17. Whoops, thats only 9. After Primus I’m apparently going to get “Good Luck” by the Basement Jaxx (feat. Lisa Kekaula).

  18. A Sorta Fairytale – Tori Amos
    Sweet Jane – Jesus & Mary Chain
    Smoke – Ben Folds Five
    Bjork – Violently Happy (vs. Depeche Mode Remix)
    Times Like These (Acoustic) – Foo Fighters
    Five Years – David Bowie
    Take This Job and Shove It – Dead Kennedys
    Bombs Over Bagdad (Rock Remix) – Outkast f/ RATM
    coin operated boy – dresden dolls
    The Man With 100 Cells – Stereolab

    Not bad, really.

  19. They Might Be Giants, “Space Suit” (Apollo 18)
    Van Halen, “Why Can’t This Be Love” (Right Here, Right Now (live album))
    Was (Not Was), “Anything Can Happen” (What Up, Dog?)
    Brother, “The Crow” (This Way Up (live album))
    Guster, “Either Way” (Lost and Gone Forever)
    Tom Waits, “Bad Liver and a Broken Heart” (Small Change)
    Lou Reed, “Cremation” (Magic and Loss)
    Depeche Mode, “Higher Love” (Songs of Faith and Devotion)
    They Might Be Giants, “Cowtown” (Lincoln)
    Buena Vista Social Club, “Pueblo Nuevo” (Buena Vista Social Club)

    The only track I wanted to hit “skip” on was the Van Halen.

  20. Tom Waits – Cold Water
    Nirvana – Lake of Fire (Meat Puppets cover)
    On Air Library – ex’s and ho’s oh’s
    Jawbreaker – Jinx Removing
    Pennywise – Same in the End (Sublime cover)
    Marvin Gaye – You’re a special part of me (of all the Marvin Gaye songs it could have picked…)
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Plain Gold Ring (live)
    NOFX – Shower Days
    Danny Elfman – “Jack and Sally Montage” from Nightmare
    Tom Waits – Pony

    Double the Tom Waits wasn’t that surprising. I have close to all his albums. Considering Barry Manilow is in my collection somewhere, I came out pretty well, I think.

  21. “I Can’t Get Behind That” – William Shatner
    “Psycho Killer” – The Bobs
    “Relax” – Lounge Against the Machine
    “The Hawkman Cometh” – MC Hawking
    “Crazy Train” – Lounge Brigade
    “Killed by Death” – Motorhead
    “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” – Me First & the Gimme Gimmes
    “Bohemian Rhapsody” – The Braids
    “Pretty in Pink” – Automatic 7
    “La Vie En Rose” – Cyndi Lauper

    Going over my full list, it seems that the only non-covers I have are some MC Hawking & Motorhead albums.

  22. I feel so barbaric.

    I still primarily use CDs. I know! Can you believe it?!? I’m not even 27 yet, and I’m already stuck with a nostalgia-tech!

    If I were home, and (I hated myself (a lot)), I would play the equivalent game, where I take all of my CDs and throw them up in the air towards the middle of my room and then flip them all around until mixed, then grab the first 10

    However, I don’t hate myself that much (and I’m not at home anyway).

  23. Starting with what’s playing at this instant:

    “The Way I Live My Life”, by Iris, off Disconnect
    “Lily was Here (DNA Remix)”, Candy Dulfer, off Saxuality
    “Games without Frontiers”, Peter Gabriel, off Shaking the Tree
    “Teach your Children”, CS&N, So Far
    “Stage,” Live, Throwing Copper
    “Question,” Moody Blues, Greatest Hits
    “Luck of the Draw”, Bonnie Raitt, Luck of the Draw
    “Desperado”, the Eagles, Desperado
    “No Spill Blood”, Oingo Boingo, Farewell concert
    “Atum 2”, Michael Atherton, Ankh — Sounds of Ancient Egypt

    About par for the course. Short on the harder stuff. When I put my music on random, I mean random.

  24. 1. Aesop Rock – “Attention Span” ft. Cannibal Ox

    2. Eric John – “Cliffs of Dover”

    3. Faith No More – “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”

    4. Pink Floyd – “Corporal Clegg”

    5. Pink Floyd – “Echoes”

    6. Ween – “The H.I.V. Song”

    7. The Canadian Brass – “Passacaglia and Fugue
    for organ…”

    8. Will Oldham – “New Partner”

    9. The Haunted – “All Against All”

    10. The Pogues – “The Body of an American”

  25. Alice in Chains – Them Bones
    Prince – 1999
    W. A. Mozart – Nozze de Figaro – Sull’Aria
    Filter & Crystal Method – Can’t You Trip Like I Do
    Garbage – Stupid Girl
    The Animals – House of the Rising Sun
    Rolling Stones – Paint It Black
    The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go
    Phish – Sabotage (live Beastie Boys cover)
    G. Love & Special Sauce – Cold Beverages

    (and if we were to go an extra 10)
    Cracker – Eurotrash Girl
    Apocalyptica – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue
    Garbage – Queer
    Radiohead – Paranoid Android
    Jamiroquai – The Kids
    Beastie Boys – Instant Death
    Talking Heads – And She Was
    Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
    Alice in Chains – Rotten Apple

    All of these are, of course, archival copies, for fair use, etc., etc.

  26. The iPod shuffle yields:

    Too Many – Al Green
    Perfect Day – Clay Aiken
    Lucas With The Lid Off – Lucas
    When It Rains It Really Pours – Elvis Presley
    Englishman In New York – Sting
    Favours – Delgados
    Hollow Little Reign – Supergrass
    Tangled And Wild – Oh Susanna
    TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) – MFSB
    Any Sense Of Time – The Inbreds

  27. Deep breath. In. Out. Okay, I’m ready.

    1. Men At Work, “Underground”
    2. Stina Nordenstam, “Little Star”
    3. Thievery Corporation, “The Hong Kong Triad”
    4. Counting Crows, “Round Here (live from Converse Sampler)”
    5. Travis, “Paperclips”
    6. Dead Can Dance, “Severance”
    7. Franz Schubert, “Entr’acte No. 1 from Rosamunde”
    8. Ben Sellon, “I’ll Thank These Stars”
    9. Damien Jurardo & Gathered in Sound, “Like Titanic”
    10. Mr. Lif, “Post Mortem (feat. El-P, Jean Grae, Akrobatik)”

    And now since everyone is doing it and I’m a sucker for peer pressure–the second ten.

    11. Galactic, “Funky Bird.”
    12. Damien Jurardo & Gathered in Song, “Dancing”
    13. Buena Vista Social Club, “Amor de Loca Juventud”
    14. The Sanshin Cafe Orchestra/Kenji Yano, “Moderate Wind”
    15. Afro Celf Sound System, “Hypnotica”
    16. Looper, “Quiet and Small”
    17. BT, “Never Gonna Come Back Down”
    18. Prince, “Jughead”
    19. Diapaswing, “Video Killed the Radio Star”
    20. Foo Fighters, “Learn to Fly”

    I don’t think I embarassed myself. Much. I hope.

  28. Must… compile… data…

    5 – Billy Joel (incl. w/ Elton John)
    4 – Foo Fighters
    4 – Tom Waits
    3 – Elvis Presley
    3 – Rhapsody
    3 – Sting (incl. w/ Chieftains, not incl. Police)
    3 – Unjust

    33 bands mentioned twice.

    3 of the Billy Joel mentions are due to Jeff Porten. All Rhapsody and Unjust mentions are due to Tripp. Dude, you have to rip some more music!

  29. Here goes…
    First batch of ten:

    “Ich Bin Ein Auslander” – Pop Will Eat Itself
    “Darling” – Zorak (from ‘Space Ghost’s Surf & Turf’ album)
    “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” – Mariah Carey
    “Porno Creep” – Korn
    “Crackerman” – Stone Temple Pilots
    “Always You and I” – 98°
    “Crazy” – K-Ci & JoJo
    “Come and Get Some of This” – House of Pain
    “Get Myself Arrested” – Gomez
    “The Anchor Song” – Björk

    And here’s the next ten:

    “My Fault” – Eminem
    “Not Sorry” – The Cranberries
    “Am I Going Crazy” – Korn
    “Gay Hairdresser skit” – Jerky Boys
    “Sometimes I Feel” – Hootie & the Blowfish
    “Sell My Soul” – Our Lady Peace
    “If He Tries Anything” – Ani DiFranco
    “Put a Lid on It” – Squirrel Nut Zippers
    “Rollin'” – Limp Bizkit
    “Voice of the Voiceless” – Rage Against the Machine

    Not very flattering, but there you have it.

  30. All right Scalzi, you’ve successfully badgered me into doing the exercise using the more authoritative living room computer. However, in the true spirit of slackerdom, I am doing it remotely by pulling up the LR playlist on my laptop.

    1. Overture: calm sea and prosperous voyage – Mendelssohn
    2. Everyday I write the book – Elvis Costello
    3. Mannish Boy – Muddy Waters
    4. Darkness Now – Gerry O’Beirne
    5. It’s OK – Tracy Chapman
    6. Andante cantebile con varazione – Beethoven (Piano trio)
    7. Concerto in F minor – Telleman
    8. Adelaide’s Lament – Faith Prince (Guys and Dolls)
    9. Whistle While You Work – Snow White (Yes, I’m a parent)
    10. Before You Accuse Me – Eric Clapton

    I’d have to say this is amazingly indicative of what I actually listen to on a regular basis. One thing this exercise has pointed out to me is the problem with the “song-artist-album” method most MP3 players use to catalog songs. It works great for standard rock/pop albums, but for classical it’s a mess.

  31. Dave,

    “Dude, you have to rip some more music!”

    Sorry to skew the results, but in all fairness, this came from my work PC and not my complete collection. At work I mostly tend towards the pump you up stuff (thanks for John’s recommendations) to keep myself going. So I’ve probably ripped maybe 8 CDs or so for work. Can’t clutter the workstation too much.

  32. What’s Your Shuffle?

    Via FuzzyCo (which was via Whatever…) “1. Open up the music player on your computer (if you have one — the music player, I mean. Clearly you have a computer, because otherwise you couldn’t read this). 2. Set it to…

  33. What’s Your Shuffle?

    Via FuzzyCo (which was via Whatever…) “1. Open up the music player on your computer (if you have one — the music player, I mean. Clearly you have a computer, because otherwise you couldn’t read this). 2. Set it to…

  34. 1. Cherry Oh Baby – Eric Donaldson
    2. Tiger – Abba
    3. Tonight We Fly – The Divine Comedy
    4. Touch Me All Over – Labelle
    5. Wonderwall – Oasis
    6. Just Push Play – Aerosmith
    7. The Instrument of Pain – Stew
    8. Autumn: Adagio Molto – Vivaldi, as played by Gil Shaham and Orpheus
    9. Take Me With U – Prince
    10. The Last Remaining Light – Audioslave

  35. Gilligan –

    “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” – Mariah Carey

    Is it any good? I can’t imagine she does a better job than Phil Collins…

  36. “To Zucchabar,” Gladiator soundtrack
    “A Night in Tunisia,” Ella Fitzgerald
    “Unforgettable,” Nat King Cole
    “Calling Home,” Noa
    “Solidify,” Sheryl Crow
    “My Way,” Frank Sinatra
    “Get Over Yourself,” SHeDAISY
    “China Grove,” Doobie Brothers
    “Good Morning Starshine,” Oliver
    “There is Nothin’ Like a Dame,” South Pacific

    And again:

    “Airbag,” Radiohead
    “The American and Florence / Nobody’s Side,” Chess
    “Million Tears,” Kasey Chambers
    “Country Road,” James Taylor
    “Here Comes the Sun,” Beatles
    “Beauty and the Beast,” Beauty and the Beast
    “I Wanna Fall in Love,” Lila McCann
    “Hungry Eyes,” Eric Carmen
    “Canyonnero,” The Simpsons
    “An American Girl,” Trisha Yearwood

    (Whistles.) This is why I let other people pick the music for my parties.

  37. Prototype – Outkast
    In the Midnight Hour – The Commitments Soundtrack (Andrew Strong)
    Sunday Morning – The Velvet Underground
    36-24-36 – Violent Femmes
    Parakeet – Skavoovie & the Epitones
    Liar – The Cranberries
    Kiss Off [Live] – Violent Femmes
    Sleeping in the Flowers – They Might Be Giants
    Always on My Mind – Phantom Planet
    Four Seasons [Track 5] – Salzburguer Kammerorchester

  38. Isla de Encanta – The Pixies
    The Staggering Genius – Superdrag
    Wash Us Away – Ian Hunter
    Break My Body – The Pixies
    Shiny Cage – The Dukes of Stratosphere
    Memphis, Egypt – The Mekons
    Connection – Elastica
    Sweetness and Light – Lush
    Sustain – Steve Wynn
    Blue – Ken Nordine

  39. Sisters of Mercy–Temple of Love (Extended Version)
    Jay-Z and Danger Mouse–Public Service Announcement
    Chemical Brothers–Orange Wedge
    Men Without Hats–I Got The Message
    The Pogues–Wild Cats of Kilkenny
    Pink Floyd–High Hopes
    Pink Floyd–Lost For Words
    Johnny Rivers–Memphis
    Marillion–He Knows You Know

    I feel that Pink Floyd is overrepresented in this list, but no cheating is no cheating…

  40. 1. Duende – Ana Torroja y Miguel Bose
    2. Hey Ya – Outkast
    3. Honey White – Morphine
    4. Everlong (Acoustic KROQ Mix) – Foo Fighters
    5. Interstate Love Songe – Stone Temple Pilots
    6. Estrechez de Corazón – Los Prisioneros
    7. Big Boys – Elvis Costello & The Attractions
    8. Yer Devil – americans
    9. To The End – Blur
    10. Boulevard01 – St. Germain

  41. Prince When Doves Cry
    Hall & Oates Method of Modern Love
    BOb Seger Turn The Page
    Kool Moe Dee Wild Wild West
    Jimmy Buffett Son of A Son of A Sailor
    BB King Cross My Heart
    Run DMC Walk This Way
    Europe THe Final COuntdown
    Yes Roundabout
    Tim Wilson King of England (Comedy bit)

  42. Neat. I learned how to do the “party shuffle”:

    She Has No Time – Keane
    I Need A Man – Grace Jones
    Slow Hand – The Pointer Sisters
    Primitive – Annie Lennox
    Clair De Lune – Debussy
    Young Offender – Pet Shop Boys
    Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes
    Columbia – Jan Hammer
    Politik – Coldplay
    Meditation Five-Tibetan Monastic Chanting – Various Artists

    Listening to that last one now. Creepy. Not sure where it came from. Compilation filler? Sounds like those devilish messages you got by playing a 45 backwards. My phone rings while listening – friend’s wife is looking for my wife. My wife out. Made polite lah-di-da smalltalk anyway. Realized, (too late) devil music still playing in background!

    Oh bother!

  43. 1. ‘O Fortuna’, from Carmina Burana ( Ozawa and the Boston Symphony Orchestra )
    2. Fields of Fire, Big Country
    3. Safety Dance, Men Without Hats
    4. Coin Operated Boy, Dresden Dolls
    5. Sirius/Eye in the Sky, Alan Parsons Project
    6. Manhattan Project, Rush
    7. Something about You, Level 42
    8. Funk #49, The James Gang
    9. Dante’s Lament, Clerks Soundtrack
    10. Personal Jesus, Depeche Mode

  44. Set Me Free —
    Never Be Rude to an Arab — Monty Python
    Let Me Learn To Lie — The JLDJ
    Toreador Song — Adelaide Symphony/Jose Serebri
    Sunset on Big River(inst.) — J Dustin Sommers
    Troublemaker — All night bakery
    Mean Ol Frisco — Skeeter Truck
    Baardenlied — Kabouter Plop
    Storm Dancing — Stuart Welwood
    Feel the Evil — Kim Justice

  45. Crap, nevermind. In my excitement about finding a potential e-Scalzi i-Pal, I misread the lines. It was the poster below you. Hope I didn’t get your hopes up.

  46. OK, iTunes party shuffle reveals:

    1. The Farmer, Wicked Tinkers
    2. Drowsy Maggie Set, Emerald Rose
    3. Sailing with the Captain (Album Cut), Dust Rhinos
    4. The Great Gate of Kiev, Moussorgsky
    5. The Palace of Kashchai, Stravinsky
    6. Horo Ghoid Thu Nighean, Mary Jane Lamond
    7. Come Home, The Buccaneers
    8. The Nutcracker Suite – Dance Of The Mirlitons, Tchaikovsky
    9. The Long Way Home, Rawlins Cross
    10. Lake of Dreams, dBrown
    11. Deaf Shepherd, artist unknown
    12. Reels – Otter’s Nest, Emerald Rose
    13. Swan Lake Suite – Dance Of The Swans, Tchaikovsky
    14. Swan Lake Suite – Andante Con Troppo; Allegro Moderato, Tchaikovsky
    15. Hats Off to Beer, The Black Velvet Band
    16. Midnight Ulster Ride, The Black Velvet Band
    17. The Nutcracker Suite – Chinese Dance, Tchaikovsky
    18. The Drunken Piper, Natalie MacMaster
    19. Only If, Enya
    20. Fora La Soglia Attinse, Luciano Pavarotti

    But generally I listen to Radio Paradise.


  47. “Some old sad bastard music” to quote one of my favorite movies:

    Cowboy Junkies – Sweet Jane

    Lyle Lovett – L.A. County

    Bob Dylan – Just Like a Woman

    Dougie Maclean – Feel So Near

    Townes Van Zandt – Cocaine Blues

    John Renbourne and Stefan Grossman – Cocaine Blues

    BeauSoleil – La Valse De BeauSoleil

    Loreena Mckennitt – Between the Shadows

    Grateful Dead – Quinn the Eskimo

    Spirit – I Got a Line on You

  48. “The Show Must Go On” – Queen
    “If I Ever Lose My Faith” – Sting
    “Drown” – Stuard Davis
    “Bed Bed Bed” – They Might Be Giants
    “Dreadnaught” – Boiled in Lead
    “The Soul’s Electric” – Oysterband
    “What I Know” – Chris & Johnny
    “Ordinary Man” – Tim Malloys
    “Little Brother” – Oysterband
    “Pedestal” – Astronaut Wife

  49. Fun!

    1. “Happiness” – From Stephen Sondheim’s Passion
    2 – “Let Down” – Radiohead, OK Computer
    3 – “Opera in Temple Street” – From Tan Dun’s Symphony 1997 (Heaven Earth Mankind)
    4 – “The Abduction” – From Howard Shore’s Silence of the Lambd score
    5 – “The End of All Things” – From Howard Shore’s The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Score
    6 – “Country Medley” – U2 (from an Unplugged U2 bootleg)
    7 – “Variation IX” – Brahms
    8 – “Stand Inside Your Love” – Smashing Pumpkins, MACHINA/The Machines of God
    9 – “Un Rancho Nas Nuevens” – Antonio Carlos Jobim
    10 – “Peppermint Patty” – George Winston, Linus & Lucy: The Music of Vince Guraldi
    11 – “Play Guitar” – John Mellencamp, Uh-Uh
    12 – “Playboy to a Man” – Elvis Costello, Might Like a Rose
    13 – “Satelite of Love (Danny Saber Remix)” – Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack
    14 – “She Gonna Come Home Wit’ Me” – from Frank Loesser’s The Most Happy Fella
    15 – “Respectable Street” – XTC, Upsy Daisy Assortment
    16 – “High Fidelity” – Elvis Costello, Get Happy!
    17 – “Star Dust” Louis Armstrong
    18 – “The Death Star/The Stormtroopers” John Williams, from the Star Wars score
    19 – “Gypsy Eyes” – Jimi Hendrix, The Essential Jimi Hendrix
    20 – “Ill Scherzo” – Mahler’s Symphony #5


  50. For all the folks using the iTunes party shuffle to generate your lists, you should know that it’s not always completely random — it depends on the settings you make at the bottom. It defaults to preferring some songs you’ve played recently.

    For a truly random iTunes list, you need to use “smart playlists,” or just select your library and play the songs in “shuffle” mode (it won’t actually shuffle your playlist, but it will play the songs in random order [you can just fast forward if a truly appalling song comes up])

  51. Ok, my first results are:

    1. Concrete Blonde –Walking in London

    2. Tenacious D- The Greatest Song in the World

    3. Imperial Teen- Lipstick

    4. Transplants-California Babylon

    5. Sex pistols/Madonna- Ray of Gob

    6. Ligabue – Eri Bellissima

    7. Machines of Loving Grace-Butterfly wings

    8. Tutto Cugino- L’Italiano

    9. Sister’s of Mercy- Vision Thing

    10. Dean Martin-Kick in the head (seems really out of place in this list)

    Then a second time gave me:

    1. Leaves-Crazy

    2. Depeche Mode-Personal Jesus

    3. Blood Hound Gang-Boom

    4. Folk Implosion-Natural One

    5. Southern Culture on the Skids-Walk Like a Camel

    6. Echo and the Bunnymen-It’s Alright

    7. Seether-Hang On

    8. Beta Band-She’s the One

    9. Revis-Caught in the Rain

    10. They Might Be Giants-Istanbul

  52. 1. “Voices Inside My Head”, the Police, Message In A Box

    2. Prelude from Cello Suite #1, Alex De Grassi, The Bach Variations

    3. “Med. Lab”, James Horner, Aliens: The Deluxe Edition

    4. “Sweet Lullaby”, Deep Forest, World Mix

    5. “Memories Can’t Wait”, the Talking Heads, Sand in the Vaseline

    6. “Not Your God”, Chihiro Onitsuka, Sugar High

    7. “The Wall”, Kansas, Box Set

    8. “Maximus”, Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, Gladiator

    9. “Exhibit 13”, Blue Man Group, The Complex

    10. “The American and Florence/Nobody’s Side”, Andersson, Rice, and Ulvaeus, Chess

  53. O.K. Let’s give it a spin..

    1.”Blood Satisfaction” The Wolfgang Press
    2.”Big Bad Moon” Joe Satriani
    3.”Flashpoint” Tom Scott
    4.”Book Of Days” Enya
    5.”Jack Ruby” Paul Metsa
    6.”Leave It” Yes
    7.”La Brea fan Dtuath” Clannad
    (That’s the group that did the music for the
    cable Robin Hood series in the ’80s)
    8.”Mazin'” Tom Scott
    9.”Record Lady” Lyle Lovett
    10.”Trip Hoppin'” Aerosmith

  54. “Slum Dungeon” Love Tractor
    “Davy the fat Boy” Randy Newman
    “Broken Things” David Byrne
    “Allegro con Brio” Beethoven
    “N’dawsile” Cheikh Lo
    “I am … I said” Neil Diamond
    “Kirschenessen” Pole
    “Excitement” (demo) Television
    “Cross-Eyed and Painless” (live 8.3.83) Talking Heads
    “Live Wire” AC/DC
    “Simple Things” Zero

  55. Funny Funny – The Sweet
    Armaggedon It – Def Leppard
    Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon – Urge Overkill
    True Colors – Eva Cassidy
    Sweet Dreams – Patsy Cline
    Yellow Submarine – Beatles
    Excuse Me Mr. – No Doubt
    Killing Me Softly With His Song – The Fugees
    In Spite of Ourselves – John Prine/Iris DeMent
    Fat Bottom Girls – Queen

    Quite an odd mix…

  56. Do you know how long it took me to figure out how to do this painlessly with Windows Media Player? (Please, no snide remarks about using “painlessly” in the same sentence with WMP – I’ve already thought them all to myself.) Let’s just say it took more than five minutes. That’s far too long for something this simple. Here’s what I finally did:

    1. Go to “Media Library.”

    2. Click “Playlists”, then “New Auto Playlist”.

    3. Click on one of them “Click here to add criteria” and choose “file type” from the resulting drop-down menu. You want a series of criteria that look like this:

    File Type Is MP3
    File Type Is WMA


    And then there you go.

    I forget what my list of ten was, but it involved among other things Tori Amos, Geddy Lee both solo and as a member of Rush, Gaelic Storm, Slainte, and the female barbershop quartet Ambiance. Best listened to on headphones feeding out of laptop stowed in backtpack whilst driving around Boulder at 1:00 AM.

  57. Courtesy of the shuffle option of my Rio Karma:

    The Art of Noise — Opus For Four
    Faith No More — Evidence
    Rush — Red Lenses
    The Moody Blues — Have You Heard
    Pink Floyd — In The Flesh
    Devo — The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise
    Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band — A Few Good Men
    Combustible Edison — Bewitched
    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy — Jumpin’ Jack
    Pink Floyd — The Dogs of War

    It’s missing some techo/rave, but otherwise it’s pretty representative.

  58. To the ‘Anonymous’ poster that asked about the Mariah Carey version of “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”, I can’t personally say that it’s any better or worse than the version that Phil Collins did, just different. As a side note, one odd quirk that I did notice was that both version are 3:25 long. Coincidence, you decide…

  59. The space aliens that used those Russian mind control devices to embed the tune were just
    very consistent folks is all. (Move along now, nothing to see here . . .)

  60. Alors C’Est Ça Le Rap? by J-L
    02.17AM by Blue Foundation
    ETO – Nous, S’est Le Son by DJ Quick
    Losing Hope by Jack Johnson
    I Spy by DJ Wally
    Limelighters Featuring Camp LO by Aesop Rock
    Gigapet Epiphany by Company FLow
    Steppers Delight by Ripslyme
    Bam Boogie by Bent Fabric
    Day After Tomorrow by Tom Waits

  61. random shuffle

    Because I’m a slacker, I was reading john scalzi’s blog, which I haven’t in a while, instead of doing my huge stack of reading. He suggested posting 10 songs from your random shuffle. My 10 are a little strange, and reflect the fact that I tend to pick…

  62. random shuffle

    Because I’m a slacker, I was reading john scalzi’s blog, which I haven’t in a while, instead of doing my huge stack of reading. He suggested posting 10 songs from your random shuffle. My 10 are a little strange, and reflect the fact that I tend to pick…

  63. random shuffle

    Because I’m a slacker, I was reading john scalzi’s blog, which I haven’t in a while, instead of doing my huge stack of reading. He suggested posting 10 songs from your random shuffle. My 10 are a little strange, and reflect the fact that I tend to pick…

  64. random shuffle

    Because I’m a slacker, I was reading john scalzi’s blog, which I haven’t in a while, instead of doing my huge stack of reading. He suggested posting 10 songs from your random shuffle. My 10 are a little strange, and reflect the fact that I tend to pick…

  65. “Are You Afraid To Die” The Louvin Brothers (Satan Is Real)
    “I’m A Wheel” Wilco (A Ghost Is Born)
    “Houpava” Sum Svistu (Tancirna)
    “The Ballad of John Banvard” Piñataland (Live at WFMU)
    “Latino Loco” Nelson Padron (Diggin The Crates)
    “Regrets” Ben Folds Five (The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner)
    “Ash Wednesday” Shivaree (I Oughtta Give You A Shot In The Head for Making Me Live in this Dump)
    “Hammers Stitting Still” Br. Danielson (Brother is to Son)
    “Lenco No Pescoco” Wilson Batista (Bresil Choro – Samba – Frevo 1914-1945)
    “Pez” Café Tacuba (Re)
    This one turned out pretty well. Even has one of my songs on there. There only one I don’t like so much is the Wilco song, not ’cause Wilco is an embarassing band to like, but that last album that this song is taken from is a real snoozer. In the interest of full disclosure I did edit out the Itrip station that the randomization pulled up, but that was good since Cafe Tacuba was #11 and I was happy to have them on the list.



    1. I don’t know, I never wrote it down, it is only #12. something with pianos, maybe Rachel’s?
    2. My student singing a Tibetan folktale
    3. “It’s so hard to be a saint in the city” David Bowie
    4. “Acetate 20” Johnny Pinkhouse
    5. “Shoot” Sonic Youth
    6. “Prove it” Television
    7. “Primitive (The Way I treat you)” Ambulance ltd.
    8. “Swap Meet” Nirvana
    9. “Honestly?” American Football
    10. “Tell me somethin” Charizma & Peanut butter Wolf

  67. Guess one can tell, I’m somewhat of an older fellow!

    Back To St. Louis – James Cotton
    Soul Man – Ramsey Lewis
    Teach Me Tonight – Dinah Washington
    Walkin’ After Midnight – Patsy Cline
    Hava Nagila – Dick Dale
    Last Train To Clarksville – Cassandra Wilson
    Lo Sceicco Bianco – Nino Rota
    Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes – Paul Simon
    Sweet Virginia – Rolling Stones

  68. Here’s mine:

    We have one middle aged dad, a twenty year old and two 14 year olds so here goes…

    Animals – We Got to Get Out of This Place.

    Mungo Jerry – In the Summertime.

    Operation Ivy – Take Warning.

    Moody Blues – English Sunset.

    Shania Twain – Breathless.

    Springfields – Silver Thread and Golden Needles.

    Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven.

    Duke Ellington and John Coltrane – Angelica.

    Nickelback – Window Shopping.

    Carly Simon and James Taylor – Mockingbird.

  69. the line Duns in california was the last line of which of the James Gang songs.

  70. 1.If Only – The Kooks
    2.Fly me to the moon – Bobby Darin
    3.Time Awaits – The Kooks
    4.Lay, Lady, Lay – Bob Dylan
    5.In my place – Coldplay
    6.I miss you – Blink 182
    7.Under the thumb – Amy Studt
    8.Caroline, yes – Kaiser Chiefs
    9.Knockin’ on heaven’s door – Bob Dylan
    10.Bedshaped – Keane
    OMG!!! I have such crapped up music taste!
    Actually, I don’t really, I just look like it from this list. Please don’t judge me on this list, I have about six hundred songs, these are some of the worst ones. (Excluding Bob Dylan and The Kooks of course)

  71. 1. Johnny Cash – Devil Went Back to Georgia
    2. Jay & the Americans – She Cried
    3. Mamas & Papas – California Dreamin’
    4. Madonna – This Used to be my Playground
    5. ABBA – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
    6. Daniel Lavoie – Les Grandes Personnes Sont Comme Ca
    7. Me (clarinet) – When I’m Sixty-Four
    8. Irish Rovers – The Biplane Evermore
    9. Johnny Tillotson – Poetry in Motion
    10. Irish Rovers – Snoopy vs the Red Baron

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