I Heart Instapundit

I impressed upon the marketing people at Tor that they would want to get an advanced copy of Old Man’s War over to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, and here’s why: This morning, OMW’s Amazon ranking was about 150,000. This afternoon, after Glenn mentioned he’d received the book and put in a link to Amazon, it was up at 903. And that’s simply a mention that the book arrived on his desk. In all, an object lesson of the power of blogs (or at the very least, Instapundit) in late 2004.

Note to self: Send sparkly seasonal thank you card, and possibly a nice fruit basket, to Professor Reynolds.

Update: Pamie’s plugged me too! It’s good to have friends. I think I’ll put her in the book acknowledgements.

Music Selection 11/22/04

As proof that just about every song sounds better in ska form: “Sugar Sugar,” interpreted by Bigger Thomas. The Archies should weep in gratitude. Speaking of which, here’s an mp3 of the original song, featuring real live singer Ron Dante (you didn’t think Archie really did his own tunes, did you? Dude, he was totally fake!).