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  1. We were once so close to Heaven
    Peter came out and gave us medals
    Declaring us the nicest of the Damned

    They Might Be Giants
    “Road Movie to Berlin”

  2. “I would appreciate it if they would call a halt on all their devoted efforts to find a way to abolish war or eliminate disease or run trains with atoms or extend the span of human life to a couple of centuries, and everybody concentrate for a while on how to wake me up in the morning without my resenting it. It may be that a bevy of beautiful maidens in pure silk yellow very sheer gowns, barefooted, singing ‘Oh, What a Beautiful Morning’ and scattering rose petals over me would do the trick, but I’d have to try it.”

    1 pt.

  3. The difference between heaven & hell:

    In heaven, the French are the cooks, the English are the police, abd the Germans are the engineers.

    In hell, the English are the cooks, the Germans are the police, and the French are the engineers.

    Doing my part to offend foreigners everywhere…

  4. A bit of Heinlein sounds about right for a comment otherwise devoid of content….

    “Morality is your agreement with yourself to abide by your own rules.”

  5. Yesterday morning, the Post button was timing out on me. Shame too, cause I had written something fantastically witty…

    Anyway, others have posted since, so this is more of a test for me than you at this point.

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