Daily Archives: December 6, 2004

“Holiday Specials” is on The Move

If you’ll recall the previous entry, I mentioned that I had sold the “Ten Least Successful Holiday Specials” article a couple of places. One of them is to National Lampoon — and here’s where you can find the piece now. Even if you’ve read it before, be a mensch and click through, won’t you? They […]

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Good Day, and an Ethical Question

So, today was a not bad day: I sold the “Ten Least Successful Christmas Specials” piece — twice! — and then, just before I went to pick up Athena, the Fed Ex guy showed up with my author copy of Old Man’s War, which you can see Krissy grooving to in the picture above (she […]

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It’s Like Living in the Future

If you ever bother to go to my AOL blog By The Way, then you’ll know that yesterday I gacked up a multi-monitor sort of set-up for here at home, in which my laptop is running two monitors: the laptop monitor and the monitor that came with the new computer I bought as a media […]

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