“Holiday Specials” is on The Move

If you’ll recall the previous entry, I mentioned that I had sold the “Ten Least Successful Holiday Specials” article a couple of places. One of them is to National Lampoon — and here’s where you can find the piece now. Even if you’ve read it before, be a mensch and click through, won’t you? They paid me a silly sum for it, and I want to encourage them to continue to do so from time to time.

While you are there you might also consider checking out their 2004 Safe Toy Shopping Guide, which is awfully damn funny as well.

10 Comments on ““Holiday Specials” is on The Move”

  1. PWOTER says:

    “Funny that you liked the 2004 Safe Toy Shopping Guide. The writers site, is the same place the NL editor saw a link to your article.”

    It’s like the circle of life, or something.

    And here’s the moment of discovery, which lead to my unexpected windfall of National Lampoon InterWeb money:

    “I’ve never even heard of this guy before. Where do you find people like this? Every time I look for comedy online I get page after page of horrible Onion knockoffs.”

    It’s like how Lana Turner was discovered at a soda shop. Except that I’m not hot, or particularly young and since it’s my site, it’d be a soda shop I own, and it’s more like a vending machine, really.

    To revise, it’s just like how Kathy Bates was discovered at the RC Cola machine in front of that Circle K. Yeah.

  2. The truly scary thing is that there probably *would* be a market for “Christmas with the Nuge”…


    good stuff…just came to your site from National Lampoon…

  3. I’m not sure who wrote the safe toy shopping article. Sounded a lot like a PWOT regular. Your Christmas special article was way funnier.

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