Daily Archives: December 8, 2004

Box O’ Books

Well, my Christmas shopping is done. Here you see 24 copies of the book, ready to be sent out in time for the holidays. They are all spoken for, so don’t ask. By my contract I’m supposed to get another 15 sent to me (for a grand total of 40, counting the first one), but […]

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Three Minute Perfect Pop: A Musical Meme

One of the highest compliments you can pay a songwriter or performer in this era of music is that they write or perform “perfect three minute pop songs.” Which leads one to wonder: What songs do you have in your collection that are exactly three minutes long, and are they perfect pop songs? Let’s go […]

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Oh, Goody.

The Publishers Weekly review of OMW has been put on the book’s Amazon page, so if you’d like to read the whole thing, it’s here. Thanks, Sue, for bringing it to my attention. Friends who have had PW reviews before (including those with starred reviews) tell me the true value of the PW review is […]

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Sarah’s Sister

Folks have expressed an interest in seeing some of the other writing I did for the Reading Is Fundamental holiday fundraiser I did last year, and so without further ado I present to you an actual short story, entitled “Sarah’s Sister,” which you may find here. It’s about 5,800 words, so make sure you have […]

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