Box O’ Books


Well, my Christmas shopping is done. Here you see 24 copies of the book, ready to be sent out in time for the holidays. They are all spoken for, so don’t ask. By my contract I’m supposed to get another 15 sent to me (for a grand total of 40, counting the first one), but this will do for now.

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  1. The fact I have a whole box of them now means that they are on their way to the bookstores presently, so, you know, be one the lookout.

  2. hey john. it’s a been a while. any chance i could still get an autographed copy from you for being part of the group who proofread OMW a couple years back? i’m sure i already know the answer, but still felt i should ask. after all, what’s the worst you could say… ‘no’? :)

    glad to hear your career is progressing along nicely. i look forward to seeing more of your stuff at the bookstores whenever i get back stateside.

    SPC Chris McCullough
    B Co 1/77 AR BN
    FOB Paliwoda, Balad, Iraq

  3. Sarah’s Sister

    Tonight, I ran across a short story on the Internet that I definitely class as a “must-read.” So serious am I about this that I created a new category on this review blog for it; until tonight, there was no…

  4. I make my living off my intellectual property, so there is no way I’d try to bum a book off you. I still plan on bundling up my Scalzi collection for autographs, postage paid, of course. Every time I get ready to do it you have another book planned and I keep putting it off, but I just KNOW it will be worth money someday.

  5. What’s the prize for being the first to spot _OMW_ in the wild, as it were? At the least, you’ll need to start a comments thread to report sightings.

    Now that I actually have an indie bookstore within walking distance, I’ll be checking them regularly. Not sure how much SF they’re planning to stock, though; their shelves are still partially empty.

  6. Hi John…. I am so excited for you! I’m hoping to be a reciever of an autographed copy…(((HINT)))). I am proud of you keep up the great work.


  7. Gee, Heather, being that you’re my SISTER and all, I think I can manage to send along a copy.

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