Sarah’s Sister

Folks have expressed an interest in seeing some of the other writing I did for the Reading Is Fundamental holiday fundraiser I did last year, and so without further ado I present to you an actual short story, entitled “Sarah’s Sister,” which you may find here. It’s about 5,800 words, so make sure you have a little time to commit to it.

This is emphatically not another snarkfest like The Ten Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time, by the way. Indeed, it is so completely the opposite of a snarkfest that after this particular story, my license to snark may be permanently revoked, and all the urbane sophisticates will laugh and point at me when they see me on the street.

But what can I say. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. I wanted to write a heart-tugging Christmas story. You’ll have to tell me if I succeeded.

Reminder again this piece was originally written for my RIF fundraiser last year, so if after this story you’re so moved you want to send me money, send it to Reading Is Fundamental instead. Literacy is a gift; give it to someone who needs it.

2 Comments on “Sarah’s Sister”

  1. Wow, very nice tear jerker. It’s not really work safe. I’m going to print this out for my family.