Master of My Own Domain

I’ve been stocking up on domains. Clearly, I own But over the years I’ve owned several others, and as my hosting service charges a mere $6 a year to maintain domain names (a vast improvement over the $35 a year I’d been paying previous), I decided to do a little shopping. Forthwith, these are the domains I now own: — Duh. However, and are not owned by me, they’re owned by someone named Danielle Scalzi, who’s had them for three years now and has not done anything with them. Maybe I’ll ask her if I can buy them from her, since it would be nice to have all the major hierarchy domains. Not that I’d spend a whole lot on them, mind you, and in any event if you own the “.com” you’ve got the one everyone is going to try first anyway. Even so. Being denied the “.net” and “.org,” I did pick up:, and Dunno what I’ll do with them yet. I suspect at some point I might give its own place and then rent space out to all Scalzis who might want a Web site, and give them their own sub domain (so:, but that requires logistical planning that I’m not going to get into at the moment.

(Interestingly, — the domain for Italy — goes to a law firm.) — Since most personal site domains are usually comprised of first and last names, it just made sense to get this one and have it point to — Because maybe one day she’ll want it. A couple of years ago I had registered, but I forgot about it and let it lapse, and then someone snapped it up ( a woman named Athena, whose middle name, I would surmise, is Marie). — I keep meaning to do something with this — maybe a political group blog — but again, time and effort and all that conspire against me. Be that as it may, I was somewhat amazed it was available when I checked several years ago; you’d think some libertarian or conservative would have snapped this baby up. Well, I have it, baby. Bwa ha ha ha ha! — mostly to make sure some competitor didn’t snap it up and use it point to their own books. — Well, why not? — Late, lamented. I wish I had more time for it. — I actually bought this at the behest of Eric Olsen, who wanted it for the review site he was creating, but a communication mix-up cause him to construct the site at I still own this domain, but it points to the other site. I keep meaning to transfer it over to him, but time, hassle, yadda yadda yadda.

While I was making my recent spree of domain purchases I gave some thought to purchasing and, but then I thought, hell, if someone hates me just that much, who I am I to stop them. Also, with a site name like, it would be pretty clear it wouldn’t be an objective font of Scalzi information. You can’t get too worked up about crap like that (also, quite honestly, I don’t really expect those domains to be snapped up any time soon).

Now I feel all domain-y.

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  1. Of course, might come in handy if somewhere down the road you decided to start writing vampire novels.

    but then I thought, hell, if someone hates me just that much, who I am I to stop them.

    Can’t see this one happening, but if it did woulnd’t be more fun to make them have to buy the domain name from you?

  2. Nah, I’ll just be a frequent commentor on the site, complaining that they’re not doing a good job at telling people I suck.

  3. And, of course, you really should have snapped up You’re certainly going to regret not have that one. :)

    I have also bought domains for my kids (,, Only the youngest one has displayed interest in actually doing something with the domain.

    BTW, who charges $6 for domains?

  4. If you’re going to write sequels to Old Man’s War, and write other books within that “universe”, you may want to think of a name for the Universe, and go from there.

    Kind of like how the Ringworld series is in the Known Space universe, or Asimov’s Foundation Universe.

    Of course, this may be jumping the gun, too.

  5. lol :D…,
    i was looking at google for a way to build my own domain like fatum.ftw and i found this.
    why don´t u take a rly rly big book, note all the words and try every combination for .com xDDD. then u can sell a lot and may get rich oO.

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