OMW Store Spotting


We have our first Old Man’s War spotting in stores. This handsome pair of OMWs were found in an LA-area Barnes & Noble by my pal Mykal Burns, who notes that not only did he see the book in the store, he also saw Brad Pitt. No word if Brad Pitt then purchased Old Man’s War. Seems doubtful. Mykal also reports that he proceeded to place the book face forward, showing that he knows how to make authors happy. I think I’ll put him in my book acknowledgments.

Meanwhile, Amazon still has the book listed as “not available,” thereby wasting for me a perfectly good rave today from Cory Doctorow on Boing Boing. Stupid Amazon. All that love from Cory for nothing. Doesn’t matter. Cory’s still getting my Hugo vote this year (and will have deserved it, for Eastern Standard Tribe). He would have gotten it anyway, without the shoutout, mind you. Point is, Cory officially rocks, Amazon officially sucks. And OMW is officially live. Start pestering your book sellers for it now.

(And remember, notwithstanding Amazon, you can buy the book online here here here here and here. Just in case you want to buy online but don’t want to wait for Amazon to get a clue.)

Update: Canadians can get their copies of OMW on Have I mentioned enough recently how much sucks for me?


Wallowing in ConFusion

Note to stalkers: I’ve made the executive decision to attend this year’s ConFusion, a science fiction convention in Michigan, which makes it fairly close to where I am (i.e., drivable without pain). It’s the nearest con closest to the release date of Old Man’s War, and you know I’m all about the rampant promotion. Also, I’m sort of interested in seeing what a science fiction convention is like when it’s not a Worldcon, Worldcons being the only conventions I’ve gone to so far. I’m just curious this way. I’ve let the programming people know I’m open to being on panels and to doing a reading, but as I’ve only registered today, so far the only thing I know I’ll be doing there is loitering.

Other cons I’m considering attending this year: Wiscon, Interaction (this year’s Worldcon) and the World Fantasy Convention, Millennicon, InConJunction, and ConText. With the exception of Interaction, which is across an entire ocean, all of these take place within a few hundred miles of me, the most distant being Wiscon/World Fantasy, both of which are in Madison, WI this year. Which ones I go to depends on my writing/life schedule, although at this point I’m pretty confident about both Wiscon and Interaction. I may also nip up to Chicago for the Nebula Weekend, seeing as I am on a Nebula Jury this year, but again, we’ll just have to wait and see what life plops down like a dead wildebeast in front of me.

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