Wallowing in ConFusion

Note to stalkers: I’ve made the executive decision to attend this year’s ConFusion, a science fiction convention in Michigan, which makes it fairly close to where I am (i.e., drivable without pain). It’s the nearest con closest to the release date of Old Man’s War, and you know I’m all about the rampant promotion. Also, I’m sort of interested in seeing what a science fiction convention is like when it’s not a Worldcon, Worldcons being the only conventions I’ve gone to so far. I’m just curious this way. I’ve let the programming people know I’m open to being on panels and to doing a reading, but as I’ve only registered today, so far the only thing I know I’ll be doing there is loitering.

Other cons I’m considering attending this year: Wiscon, Interaction (this year’s Worldcon) and the World Fantasy Convention, Millennicon, InConJunction, and ConText. With the exception of Interaction, which is across an entire ocean, all of these take place within a few hundred miles of me, the most distant being Wiscon/World Fantasy, both of which are in Madison, WI this year. Which ones I go to depends on my writing/life schedule, although at this point I’m pretty confident about both Wiscon and Interaction. I may also nip up to Chicago for the Nebula Weekend, seeing as I am on a Nebula Jury this year, but again, we’ll just have to wait and see what life plops down like a dead wildebeast in front of me.

8 Comments on “Wallowing in ConFusion”

  1. Wiscon is my favorite convention, the one I make sure to attend every year, so I’d recommend that one. Relatively small, with a high proportion of very interesting and entertaining people. Also great parties, with actual dancing. And your publisher throws a nice party that’s actually possible to attend without bursting into flame from the crowd-heat (unlike the insanely crowded Tor parties at Worldcons).

  2. Cool, I’ll look for you at Confusion and at Millenicon, I go to those every year. This year I also was a guest at Context and helped out with the workshop there.


  3. I’ll be at Interaction — let’s try to have longer than a 5-second conversation this time, shall we? Hey, maybe even a drink or something…

  4. It looks like the only Con I will be able to attend any time soon is ConDFW. It is only a few hours worth of driving for me. I will just have to make sure that I burn plenty of good road music before I set sail.

  5. Oooh, ooh, if you were at WisCon I think I would almost have to attend. Being a mere three hours away, how could I miss the chance?

    Keep us informed . . .

  6. WisCon is my favorite con too. It is large enough to be interesting and small enough to be friendly. The fans that run it are superbly organized (they may beg to differ, but you need to allow for modesty).

    The parties are great. They are all on the same floor, they are all in suites, and they are all open. Most of the parties are fannish. Be sure not to miss the Tiptree bake sale.

    The hotel location is wonderful. It is one block away from State St., the main restaurant street in town. There are two excellent coffee places within a block of the hotel, which means I can zip out between panels and get a good cappucino without missing anything. Nearby restaurants include two Nepalese (one excellent, the other more casual), a decent Greek place, a couple of brewpubs, the best French restaurant in town, a very good Italian restaurant, and a good cheap noodle house. Further down the street are a pretty good Mexican restaurant (even by my standards, and I live in a Mexican-American neighborhood in California), a nice Afghan restaurnant, and some outstanding ice cream places (try the super-spicy Mexican chocolate ice cream from Chocolate Coyote). Best of all, on Saturday morning, the Madison farmer’s market is held on the sidewalks around the State Capitol, one very short block from the hotel. Be sure to get up early on Saturday, stumble over to the square, get some fresh rhubarb muffins and strong coffee, and then shop for flowers, fresh veggies, cheese, sausages, preserves, or what have you.

    Also very close to the hotel are some good bookstores, a couple of historical museums, and the town’s performing arts center. And the Capitol. You have to walk through the Capitol and look at the murals. And the statue of the badger sticking its head out of the wall.

    I probably should bring up the f-word. WisCon is a feminist science fiction convention. That may scare off some people, but it shouldn’t. WisCon has always been feminist, while also being the local Madison convention. It’s a big part of what makes WisCon so wonderful. There’s a whole community of people for whom science fiction isn’t just entertainment, it’s a way to think or dream about different futures that are really important to them. I think it’s very fannish, and a very good thing.