Daily Archives: December 16, 2004

Another Appearance

My pal Joe Rybicki sent this picture from Stacy’s Bookstore in San Francisco, from his phone cam, no less (it’s like living in the future!), and the note that this was the last copy in the store. Since Stacy’s had three copies on hand as of 12/13, according to its site, this is good news, […]

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Cultural Note

The Scissor Sisters version of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” is as close to a musical atrocity as we’ve had in the last year. I pronounce jihad on the lot of them, and after they’re rounded up, they should be forced to listen to non-stop playings of Triumph and Fastway. That is all.

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Why Christmas

Yesterday Athena and I were chatting about Christmas and I asked her if she knew why we had Christmas, and she explained to me that we had Christmas so that we could be with family and get presents and have food and be thankful. To which I said, yes, those are things we do on […]

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