There We Go.

Amazon has finally listed Old Man’s War for sale. Also, it has reposted the customer reviews it had previously removed. I’m now a happy boy.

10 Comments on “There We Go.”

  1. You know, I wondered where my review went.

    I may be a Scalzi shill, but at least I’m an honest unpaid Scalzi shill.

  2. “Did you see somebody’s trying to sell it on Amazon Marketplace for $25.73? What’s up with that?”

    In all likelihood, it’s one of the many review copies that were sent out. Much the same happened with my last book (and why I’m not a big fan of having the used copies button so close to the new copies).

  3. Went into the local Borders emporium on Friday eve to pass the time. Just for grins, I had the help desk check inventory on OMW. As of that morning there were 7 copies on hand. I had them direct me to their shelf location with the intent of purchase. No joy – but a big empty hole on the shelf where they’d been! I’ll get my copy eventually, but it is looking good for a sell-out of the first press run.

  4. I am sorry you missed picking up the book, of course. On the other hand, selling seven copies of the book in a day from the same store — well. That *is* good news.

  5. What the hey? Neither of my local booksellers has a copy, and they both computered “it comes out in January.” These were chains, too, Dalton’s and Barnes and Nobles. Well, I’m still going to wait to buy it locally.

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